Characters at Tusker House

Will be eating breakfast/lunch at TH in Nov. This will be my first CM. I know Mickey, Donald, and Daisy will all be there, but which other characters are with them? Not getting MM; will the photographers take pictures with my camera?

Goofy is there, too, and yes, they’ll take photos on your camera. I’m going to TH on Monday - can’t wait! The waiters are pretty good about helping you time your visits to the buffet in between characters and making sure you got your photos - especially waiter Neil, who is awesome!

I’m pretty sure you pose for a photo with Donald before going inside, and that will be the only “real” photographer you encounter. He/she will take a picture with your camera if you wish. The other characters come around to your table. You can snag a server or the characters handler (if they have one) to take a picture for you. I think people at other tables are often willing help out too, especially if you’re solo and willing to strike up a conversation. Hopefully someone will chime in and correct me if the Donald photo set-up has changed.

Hi @SallyEppcot! When I was there in Feb, they did not have Donald outside as they used to - he just circulated inside like the other characters. You can still get a photo outside while you wait, but no characters in that photo. I think it’s an improvement because that line outside could sometimes be longer than the wait for a table, so sometimes you’d miss out on Donald.

Thanks for the update @WeHave2GoBack! I’m glad you corrected me. That does sound a lot better.

Well that was as of Feb - I can confirm on Monday what the current procedure is!

We just went two weeks ago. Donald now comes to your table. And the characters had handlers that would take a pic with your camera

Thanks for all of the replies everyone!