If you were going to do ONE character meal, which would you choose? (Doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.)

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Tusker House would be my top choice currently but Trattoria al Forna or Ohana (if these character meals were to return) would be too choices for me too.

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What are ages and gender of your party?

Topolino’s breakfast. Characters are in great outfits, the setting is gorgeous, and the food is really good.

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We were just there in May. We did Chef Mickey’s for a late breakfast, Garden Grill for dinner, CRT for lunch, BOG for dinner. My favorite for character interaction and pretty good food was Hollywood and Vine for lunch.
My choice for next time would be Topolino’s but it didn’t fit this trip. We did eat at Trattoria but no characters. Our favorite in 2019 was Akershus for PPO breakfast.

1900 Park Fare and Tusker House. And definitely Hollywood & Vine for Minnie’s Holiday Dine.
Can’t wait to try Topolinos.

Hard to choose only one … :blush:


Topolino’s breakfast. Great setting. Classic characters. Excellent food.

I have Tusker House breakfast for my August trip. It sounds like the food is really good and the characters in their safari outfits are so cute!

(I also considered Garden Grill - rotating restaurant! Farmer Mickey! - but they’re not doing breakfast and the lunch meal seems kind of heavy)

Oh, I should have said! The kids (which are really all that matters for this trip) are 7 year old twins. Last time, when they were 4, we did Crystal Palace and Tusker House. They just loved it. But their parents are super Covid cautious and one indoor meal is probably all they are willing to risk.

I really like the idea of Topolino’s. But unsure how hard it would be to get to . . . we’re staying at AK, no car, and there’s six of us, and two need boosters, which makes uber tricky. I tried to look at the transit system but it seemed complicated to get there. Is it possible to pre-book van? I’ve never done that. I got the impression Minnie-vans are not operating.

I really like Chef Mickey’s Brunch b/c there is both breakfast and lunch food choices.

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Right now, Tusker House is arguably the best because they are only seating at about 50% and many of the tables are not there. So it is nice and open and easy to get pictures. Topolinos is great but the characters are moving quickly to the four corners of the seating area and there are going to be lots of people in your picks. Chef Mickeys feels like a Disney IHOP to me. I just feel like they are running you through like a herd of cattle. It’\s my least favorite. We did all three this past week.


If they bring back characters at Trattoria al Forno I would suggest that for breakfast. It was our kids favorite last trip over Akershus, CInderella Royal Table, Hollywood &vine, and Chef Mickeys. My kids 2nd favorite was Snow White at Artist Point but they have not brought that one back either. As you can tell we really did way too many character meals on that trip. Ha


This is a great thread.

I saw on another post someone was planning to complete the Character Meals listed below, does anyone have feedback or thoughts?

Is this possibly too many Character Meals?

Day of Arrival- Homecomin
MK Day 1
BOG. Dinner**. Beast.
Hotel Day
Topolinos*. Brunch. MMDD.
MK Day 2
CP Brunch*. Pooh-n-Friends
Hotel Day 2
Artist Point Dinner*. 2 Dwarfs & Friends.
Campfire. S’mores. C/D
Tusker House Brunch*. MMDD.

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When is your trip? Some of these have either not reopened yet (e.g. Artist Point) or are open without characters (e.g. CP).

Not until next Spring.

I’m anticipating/hoping the restaurants will be open by then, but wasn’t sure if our large family should pick one or two Character Meals or try to book a Character sit down everyday?

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Ah, plenty of time (we hope) for WDW to have more of these open, with characters, and maybe even meeting up close and personal! What are the ages of any children in your group?

Other people will have much more experience with CM than I have. I think you’ll get a wide variety of answers as to “too many.” A lot depends on your budget, your eating style (how many big meals per day), your touring style (TS meals take time - and meals out of the park take even more time on park days). But for a first trip, I think you’ve made some good choices in terms of one per day and non-park meals on hotel days.

BTW, Welcome to the forum!! Feel free to ask anything.

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Thank you mkmuzzy.

We have 4 children ages 3-8 who will be a part of our party. (2 boys and 2 girls).

Maybe a TS meal around 11/11:30 when the park starts getting crowded? Then a break at the hotel before heading back to the parks in the late afternoon?

I’ve done all of those character meals except Topolino’s, which my kids made me skip so they could spend time with their uncles and I’m still bitter about it, but I digress. The BOG dinner was a special request of my then four year old who was super into BatB, but by the time we got to the trip he was supremely not into characters and it was kind of a waste. My recommendation for that one would be to send somebody up to wait in line because we finished dinner and then had a nearly 60 minute wait to meet the Beast. Tusker House was great, we’ve done Crystal Palace twice because I love it so much - the atmosphere in the restaurant is so lovely, and the puffed French toast is amazing. Artist Point was good but didn’t blow me away.

No such thing as too many character meals if the dining plan is back. Well I guess if you have more meals than days and have to pay out of pocket for one maybe that is too much. Ha. But really since character meals are generally overpriced it is a great value on the dining plan. I think we did 6 character meals in 8 days with my kids in 2020 and my kids are similar ages and we had no problems.

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