Character Spot closing?

I just tried to evaluate our plans and I got an error message on my Epcot day saying that the Character Spot is closing. Did I miss something? We had a great M&G there last year and was also hoping to meet Baymax in that area as well. Does anyone have any info? Thanks!

It was just announced today that the Character Spot, Club Cool, the Starbucks and some other places are shutting down temporarily as part of their Epcot renovation. What a major overhaul they must be doing in Epcot!

Well that’s a bummer! Must be a big project to take a Tier 1 attraction offline.

Do you know what start and end dates for the closure? Does this include the VISA M&G?

Here is the article that Tom Bricker posted -


Thank you.

I’m glad Club Cool is surviving, we love it.

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Ummm, it isn’t. At least, unlike Starbucks where they’ve announced it will have a new location, they haven’t with Club Cool.

As someone alluded to, this is a massive “Spine” re-do, taking 2 -3 years.

This is on the Disney page for the character meets, sounds like Christopher Robin’s bedroom is re-opening after 3.5 years!

And this is really the best over-view of the Spine redevelopment. Basically everything from the entrance all the way up to the front of the lagoon will look totally different. Other than Spaceship Earth of course.

Also, don’t forget Spaceship Earth itself will be closing, probably by the end of the year/early next year for 2 years+


In both those articles it says it will be part of the new design. Or at least that the elements of it will, even if it may not end up being called Club Cool.

I don’t see any mention of Club Cool in the DPB article.

And the Disney one just mentions “offerings in the surrounding area will be closed or moved temporarily”. Starbucks is definitely moving, I think that was in a Tweet yesterday. They didn’t mention Club Cool though. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll see if I can find the Tweet, not on Twitter though, so I don’t know if there were follow ups.

Fingers crossed it stays, but I’m not hopeful.


Sorry, I thought the article was finished, should have read on! :joy:

Stupid adverts lol!


I suppose we won’t know for sure until much later though. But for now, I’m happy.

So many bloggers etc posted this yesterday without mentioning the very important word TEMPORARILY. Some people thrive on stirring the pot I guess.


Temporarily though could mean two years. And the info was released in bits and pieces, most of it in tweets clarifying things. I’m still not holding my breath. Starbucks makes them money, Club Cool doesn’t.

And they’ll have to somehow get the rubble out. Either by blocking off an entire corridor, or overnight somehow. Or by dumping it in the lagoon.

Whatever they do, Epcot isn’t going to be pretty for quite some time.

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That makes it looks like some great changes are coming, but you are correct it probably won’t be very pretty around those parts for a long time.

I hope I don’t sound like an idiot, but where is the World Showcase Gazebo located for the Minnie meet?

yeah Epcot is gonna suuuuuuck for a long time. :frowning: Hopefully it won’t majorly impact the holiday festivities.

I think that’s on the lagoon front, between the two boat docks. Where they have the shop.

Not totally sure about that though!