Character Spot and TP - does it include time for both sides?

I’m wondering if the step for Character Spot in Epcot is including time to go to both sides of the character spot (i.e. the side with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy, as well as the side with Baymax and Joy and Sadness) or is it just including time to go to the original character spot with Mickey and pals?

No 1 original side only. Suggest you put it in twice to do both sides

When you do Baymax - do you automatically do Joy and Sadness afterwards (I mean, in a line like Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto), or do they have a separate line?

Joy and sadness is a separate line. Baymax is a separate line. Character spot is a single line. You do each character one after another with only the one line.

Thanks! Only wanted to see Baymax (in addition to original Character Spot) so wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have to battle the line for Joy and Sadness

You can get a FP for character spot but not Baymax. The Baymax line moved pretty fast when I was there in May.