Character Meets

I am a mom to 2 girls, my oldest likes characters and loves getting her pictures with them and her autograph book signed, but my youngest is CRAZY about a character meet. Her face is priceless every time! These are just a couple from our memory maker last trip.

Anyone else have kids who go nuts for a character (or the opposite…they hate it), I just love seeing the looks on kids faces when they meet a character. :slight_smile:


Your daughter is so adorable! It’s so nice that you get to enjoy the parks twice – through your eyes and through hers.

I might not have that look on my face when I meet characters, but on the inside that’s exactly how I feel.:grin:


That’s awesome!

By the way, character greetings and interactive games are favorites of kids across a range of ages according to the latest Touring Plans research and survey results. Talking Mickey in Town Square topped the list. Len shared some details on the Disney Dish podcast episode 109 and WDW Today podcast episode 1507. He said he might do a dedicated show to this in near future.

My daughter absolutely loved the characters. I knew she’d want to meet princesses, but it turned out that she loved meeting all characters, including ones she’d never heard of! Her older brothers had no interest, even when they were younger.

Ruthie was not too happy to meet Elsa but she did warm up to Minnie Mouse slightly!