Character meals pricing

after I’ve made most of our ADR for our first trip next month, DW tells me maybe we should do a character meal after all. I’m still not convinced between time, money, and kids interest. DS1 17, DD 14, DS2 10. Based on past trips to DL, I’ve generally thought the princess meals were better because at least they talked back when interacting. I’ve been poking around and playing with the Res finder too. I was able to get an ADR for 1900 Park Fare as well as Chef Mickey’s. Still waiting to see if CRT or Akershus come through. we will only do 1 if we do one. I’m a little confused by the pricing on MDE. Are the buffets all at $60/adult and $35/kid? are CRT and/or Akershus a la carte or how does that pricing work? If a la carte, can DD14 order off kids menu? any input would be great, also any thoughts on this age group. I’d just been figuring we’d get to a couple character meets at some point for photos, but want to explore this option a little further (with not much notice unfortunately).

Have you asked your kids which ones they would prefer? I can’t imagine DS17 wanting to chat up Ariel! I would think that age might get more of a kick out of palling with the fab 5. Have you thought about Tusker House? Chef Mickey is just such low quality food.

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CRT is fixed price, payable in advance. I thought the food was poor and the character interaction is weird, precisely because they do talk back to you. But then I’m a grown-up and I’m not into princesses.

so no matter which we might end up, we’re talking approx $300 for the family of 5, is that right? I’d rather wait in a few character lines and eat what we had planned on, but will see what the fam wants. Havent presented as an option to kids yet, in case it doesnt all line up right.

So Tusker House is among the less expensive breakfasts and is $30pp, so you’d be looking at around $180 with tax. You could book a later time and treat it as “brunch” to cover 2 meals and it really isn’t terrible. However, you don’t really seem sold on it!

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I did just get an ADR for Tusker House for late lunch on our AK day. we’d have to give up Yak & Yeti that day, which I’m not opposed to. where are you getting these prices? I see the range on MDE, but nothing broken down specifically by meal? in general, are most of the pics around the table or do any have photo spots in the restaurant too?

So I think you probably need to evaluate how much you and the fam want to do the character dining. I actually also like Yak & Yeti but have a toddler and he loves Mickey! But I was never into character dining before I had kids.

I get the prices here. It gives a much more specific range for prices than the Disney website. The higher prices are usually during really peak times (Christmas, July 4th etc).

The pictures (except at CRT) are mostly around the table. They are not the most amazing and there aren’t photopass photographers or handlers to take pics. I would probably try and evaluate which characters your kids want to meet and see how easily the meet & greets fit into your plan.

I would ask the kids. MY DD 18 requested CP because she is a fan of Winnie the Pooh. Definitely was not on my agenda, but since it is the only thing she asked we are having dinner there.

looks like we will be doing Tusker House on our AK day. Dont think the kids care either way, grandparents will be with us for just that one day and DW really wanted character pics without waiting in line. Kids would choose skipping lines all together, so this may be the one shot. will be a late lunch and our one big meal for the day. thanks for the input, this one wasnt really on my radar.