Character Meals - help!


My husband and I are planning our next trip this Nov/Dec. We have never done any character meals and after reading some reviews have decided to do some. We are young-ish seniors :wink: ! Now we have about 4 character meals in our sit-down choices!!! Any advise? Which meal time is your preference for each of these? We are thinking of The Garden Grill in Epcot, Tusker House AK - hopefully for River of Light package, 1900 Park Fare in GFR. We also are thinking of trying Trails End and Liberty Tree Tavern MK. These aren’t character but still buffet or all you can eat. We are on dining plan and hate to “waste” credits for buffets when we can get more bang for our buck elsewhere. Any suggestions? Should we do two character and maybe one of the other buffets? Would it be worth paying OOP for Trails End? Thanks for any suggestions. We are staying 10 days/ 9 nights.


I’ve not eat at Trails End but have the other 3. 1900 was my favorite until we tried Garden Grill. It was breakfast and in many ways pretty standard Disney breakfast food. However, the characters were so sweet!! The cinnamon cake might help to. :wink:
I still like 1900 and haven’t had breakfast, only dinner- it’s a riot!! Tusker House is just ok to me but I’m not really an adventurous eater. So, no really answer, but my experience.


Thanks. 1900 looked like a hoot! So you think breakfast would be the best bet for Garden Grill? We are only considering Tusker House if we can get the dining package for River of Light. But that may not be necessary when we go…too many decisions1


I’ve only been to GG for breakfast so I can’t say if breakfast is best but it was good. We did ROL package with TH because I didn’t want to worry about FPP. We honestly ran from before sunup till after sundown for 3 solid days.


I haven’t eaten at the other choices but did at GG and loved it! We had breakfast PPO and then got on Soarin before the RD crowd. Definitely a good way to go!


Good idea!


Trails end is awesome food. Worth it for oop.


Breakfast is best for Garden Grill, make your ADR at 8am and you also get the bonus of riding Soarin before the rope drop crowds arrive. The food is very good, it’s our favorite breakfast in the parks.
For Tusker House, we like to go at 10:30. First breakfast foods will be out, arround 11 they start putting lunch out. This gives you a huge choice in foods. We book the ROL package as well.
We haven’t been to 1900 in many years, I would pick whichever meal works best with your park plans.
We have never been to Trails End, so no help there. Liberty Tree Tavern is our go-to lunch at MK. You can have the traditional platter, or order ala cart. We love it.


My whole family loves Tusker House. The food is great and in terms of characters, it’s Mickey & the crew. I was extremely disappointed in 1900 Park. Characters were great - Lady Tremaine and the step sisters were fantastic, but the room and food was meh. I’ve never done GG. We also like Akershus.


1900 Park Fare and Tusker House are two of our favorite character meals. While dinner and breakfast are very different as far as characters at 1900 PF, both are excellent. I would choose whichever characters you prefer and/or which meal fits in your schedule best.


This is basically what I was going to say!


Breakfast at Garden Grill is great we love it. Not a Tusker House fan (however I am not a buffet fan), seems crowded loud and rushed.


Thanks all! Sounds like breakfast at GG and Tusker House it is! We will also do Trails End OOP. Great information and suggestions!


Another vote for PPO breakfast at Garden Grill. It’s our only character meal from last trip that’s a must do to repeat. We haven’t done any of the others on your list. I watched a You Tube video a few days ago of 2 adults dining at the Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno and it seemed as though they enjoyed the food and the characters a lot.


Bon Voyage breakfast is a must do on our next trip. Can’t wait to try it!


Thanks! I have not looked at Trattoria! I’ll try to watch the video.


Bon Voyage is my favorite character meal anywhere! The food is good. The characters take a good amount of time with each table since the dining room is smaller and they interact with the guests more in my opinion, especially Prince Eric and Flynn Rider. Just for comparison… I had 1900 breakfast, Akershus dinner, CRT dinner, Ohana Breakfast, Tusker House breakfast, & Minnie’s Holiday Dine at Hollywood & Vine.


I don’t know why I haven’t read about this one before! Will look at now. Thanks!


It was EarsFirst


Bon Voyage isn’t a buffet, right?