Character Interactions

What are some fun questions or comments for characters at M & G?

We asked Stitch where his spaceship was parked!

I've read that a liner asked Piglet if he wanted bacon.

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I went up to Woody and Jessie and told them there was a snake in my boot! It was hilarious, they pretended to catch the snake and release it!

My husband accidentally told my DD5 to "go get in the picture with those squirrels" when we saw Chip and Dale. They do not like being called squirrels! wink

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I squealed 'Hello, Googly Eye!' at Mike Wazowski and he got all shy and flirty. DD7 was mortified😄


At 1900 Park Fare Cinderella tried to hook my son, 14 at the time up with one of her sisters.
when my daughter was bout 8 we saw Stitch. She showed him her new Stitch doll and he took it, he would not give it back. Finally I told him I would have to call Lilo and he gave it back.

Mind you I have been saving up some thought for my next encounters, but I will share.

I would think if you told Bizz you saw Emperor Zurg sneaking around space mopuntain you would get a reaction.
Hook tick like the croc, Peter Pan crow at him, Ask Eyore about his tail, Ask Fylnn Rider to give you his smolder, Ask Elas or Anna do you want to build a snowman, Ask snow white what type of apple she likes, kiss or scratch Donald's bill, curtsey to the queen of hearts, Tell Jafar he is snakelike, Ask genie if you have a friend in him, Ask Aladdin about Abu, Ask Oumba what's that smel, and Timon about what kinds of bugs he likes, ask Rafaki if he knows who he is.

To name a few thoughst. @2gnomes I have to remember Googley Eye, and maybe scary feet for Sully!


My DS showed Stitch his Stitch stuffed animal, he hugged it then told the boys to close their eyes and he ran and hid the stitch in the bushes, it was hilarious! You can really play it up with Gaston too, he was hilarious when we met him, he was calling his biceps, this is "Oh" and this one is "wow" which one would you like a picture with? Then someone tried to show their muscles in the pic with him and he made her put her arm down and said that he was the only one allowed to show his muscles.

I always say to Mickey, "Dude... just saw Minnie earlier. She wants to know... after 86 years, when are you gonna put a ring on her finger already?"

I have actually used the "the ham sandwich was awesome" line at CP for Piglet. He ran away.

Chip & Dale are impressed when you know which one is which. Hint: The one with the black nose is... (think: "chocolate chip")

Also insist to Tigger that he's not the only one. "I just saw another Tigger over by Splash Mt..."


The characters that come in pairs I always ask where their SO is. Like I asked Donald where Daisy is and he mimed to me that she was getting her hair done for the MNSSHP that night. He also told me about his costume. I ask Mickey where Minnie is, etc. The answers usually vary but Mickey has told me Minnie is out shopping, cooking and napping before.

I forgot I have asked Chip and Dale about Monterey Jack and how he is doing or gadget from Rescue Rangers

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  • Ask what Belle's favorite book is
  • Show Cinderella your shoes
  • Ask Rapunzel about Flynn or Pascal
  • wear that character's t-shirt, or disneybound as that character. Chip and Dale got very, very excited when I had my rescue rangers shirt!
  • Ask Minnie about Mickey, and vice versa
  • Ask Pooh if he's hungry, or if he has any honey
  • Ask Gaston if he's eaten his five dozen eggs today

All I ask is that you please, please PLEASE refrain from saying "Andy's coming!" to any Toy Story characters. 1.) They're Bonnie's toys now, Andy's at college! and 2.) staging a viral photo is way different than actually expecting characters in heavy costumes to fall instantly and "play toy" on command. smile


@kristenabelle Got it. "Bonnie's coming!" wink

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These are great ideas.