Character Dinning

How long would you plan to spend at character meals such as Tusker House, Cinderella’s Royal Table and Akerschus Royal Hall?

I was just at TH and CRT 2 weeks ago. I think we were at TH for an hour. CRT was our longest meal of the whole trip, and it was exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes (we commented on this that night, only reason I remember exactly how long). I plan 75-90 minutes for any character meal.

I am in for an hour. They usually say it’ll take an hour for the characters to circulate. We’re never still eating and ready to bounce after the last character comes through.

I budget 90 min–with checking in, waiting to be seated, buffett trips, character interactions, paying, and bathroom on the way out, it seems like it’s always about 90 min for us.

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I don’t do many CMs; TH is the only one I have current info on. We spent an hour, were done eating, but didn’t want to wait for Goofy to come to the table. I think it might depend on where your table is located (we seemed to be near the end of the “circuit”. If meeting all of the characters is important, I’s probably plan on 90 min, and if you get done sooner, all the better.

It depends on your dining style. For me, I would be in and out within the 1 hour. For DH, we take up every bit of 1.5 hours. He’s a SLLOOOWWWW eater and a buffet only adds to the amount of time because he must try it all!

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We’re a grab and growl family, so we eat quick.

I think the hour is about right. I do ask for the check sooner than later so we can leave when we are ready.

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