Character Dinning prices

I’m trying to decide what to do for character dinning on our next trip in Feb. We typically do two character dinners. I’m looking at prices and quality of character experiences. We usually included these in our package, but for 2019, that is not an option. In the past I have been able to see exactly how much is will cost while planning our trip, but without it being in the package I am a little confused about the costs. In the past we have done Goofy’s kitchen on a non park evening and Minnie’s breakfast on a park day. I think we will do this again, I just need to budget for it correctly. Although, I am intrigued by mickey’s tales of adventure breakfast.

I’ve heard many people are not too happy with changes at storytellers cafe. My kids don’t care about the food, just the characters. Is the character interaction here similar to goofy’s kitchen? The price of story tellers is listed as ($15 to $34.99 per adult) - $$$ ($35 to $59.99 per adult). Can anyone tell me what the cost will be for a character breakfast?

Goofy’s kitchen. The price range is $35-$59 for an adult. Can anyone confirm what the cost will be for dinner for an adult and for children?

We will most likely do Minnie’s breakfast as usual, but I can’t remember how much that costs. It is listed as ($15 to $34.99 per adult) - $$$ ($35 to $59.99 per adult), so what is the cost for breakfast?

Thanks for your input!

According to the menus here on the site, Goofy’s Kitchen is currently $39(adults)/$23(kids).

Minnie’s Breakfast is currently showing as $32/$18.

Storytellers is showing as $44/$26 for the Adventure Breakfast.

Hope this helps! They should also be updating the menus and prices as the trip comes closer.

In August this was $34/$19 so prices seem to be variable.

I had just looked at Disney’s posted prices for my original post. I went and looked at the touring plan menus… Goofy and Minnie haven’t been updated since 2017! So maybe that’s the increase heathernoel saw??

Do these prices include tip and tax?

Oh, wow. Missed that the first time 'round. That’s been a hot minute… maybe our Disneyland people could check them for accuracy?

Pricing for character meals is listed in ranges because the meal prices vary seasonally. We haven’t done Goofy’s for dinner since 2014 but it was in the $40 range for adults pre-tax & gratuity. When you pay at the front though, they add tax & 18% gratuity (at Goofy’s). We have more experience with breakfast & it’s usually in the mid-to-high $30’s. Last time we went (summer 2017) it it was $38/adult, $19/kid.

Storyteller’s breakfast character buffet has always been just less than Goofy’s but we haven’t done it since the change of characters, but I had thought that they retained it as a non-premium character dining so it should still be less than the premium character dining (Goofy’s). As for the rest of the changes, I only heard rave reviews about the new outfits & the interaction is still as great as it was from previous characters, but now comes from more recognizable characters (The only negative I heard was the first day was disorganized & characters took a long time to come by or entirely skipped tables, but everyone has loved the characters & the first day issues seem to have been figured out). The change at Storyteller’s that doesn’t seem to be so popular is doing away with a la carte ordering at lunch & dinner making the restaurant a buffet option only (it was always this way at breakfast but lunch & dinner had an a la carte option if you did not want to eat a buffet & was a cheaper option as well).

As for breakfast with Minnie, our last meal there was Jan 2018 & it was $34/adult, $19/kid. They did not charge a gratuity (and I don’t recall if they don’t put a tip line on the receipt but I want to say no as the photo I have of the customer copy doesn’t have anything about a tip anywhere). So any tips here would be cash, but it is all serve- including the drinks- so I don’t think any tips are expected here.

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Pretty much everything @lolabear_la said! STC has been one of our favorites for dinner, specifically b/c we could choose between buffet and menu. We are very disappointed by the change at dinner, but will still be eating there next week when we go, but not as happy about it.

Now for the character breakfast, we went there for the first time for breakfast this past summer and thought it was great. It was shortly after it changed over to the new themed/characters and the food (as always) was great and the character interaction fun. Characters were for me, as I have two surly teen boys that couldn’t care less. We saw 3 of the characters and that was plenty for me. I am sure if I had said something they would have rectified it, but we had reservations for 11 am and had just gone on GRR and were soaked and the a/c was giving me hypothermia! If you go on YouTube, you can find some video walk through story see the food and character interaction. When we walked in, they had the young children doing a cute dance and then parade around the restaurant. I suggested that my boys join, but I was given the “death stare.”


Thanks ladies!