Character Dining durations

For our June 2020 trip, I was thinking about trying some new restaurants. For MK CP lunch what is a reasonable duration? Also for Akershus for breakfast, I’m going to try for early park opening.

I usually plan on 60-90 minutes for character buffets. I’ve only done CP breakfast, but I’ve had no trouble keeping it to an hour.

Akershus breakfast I’ve done an 8am ADR and been done before RD crowds reached FEA.


The info on Akershus helps, I’m still trying to convince my DS to do a TS sometime during the day at MK and originally I blocked 90 minutes. He said no the kids 9,6&2 won’t sit that long. They will just want to be on the go all the time.

I haven’t done breakfast but my character lunches and dinners I’d allow 90 minutes. It usually takes at least an hour for all the characters to come around and you also have to factor in not getting seated right away.

I did Akershus for dinner but at 5pm right when dinner started. We were the 3rd family seated so that was a decently fast meal - just over an hour.

For lunches or dinners though I’d allow 90 minutes.

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The trick for breakfast is to get seated right at opening time. Then most of the tables are empty and the characters get to you faster. Outside of that, 90 minutes is about right.