Channeling my inner 'niter', but will it work?


We have had a change in our trip plans, and in figuring out how to best make it all work, I have ended up with an interesting situation. We have 4 days left on our no-expire PH tickets, plus we plan to do MVMCP. The plan I have has zero MK rope drops, but at least 3 (counting the MVMCP night) nights in MK where we'd get in between 4 and 6, and stay until 11pm/midnight or later -- no kids. We'd have FP+ one night (and maybe 4-7 on the party night too), plus the possibility to get 4th+ FP+ on the other nights. Do you think we still get everything in on this 'niter' plan? The only thing it would for sure keep us from doing is BOG lunch but I have a BOG ADR for dinner. Thoughts? Thanks. smile


I think it sounds like loads of fun!


Sounds like a good plan to me. MK at night is awesome. Plus RD is over rated imo. I haven't made RD in once in my last 4 trips ( thank you FPP)


I've been going in to MK this week quite a bit after I get the kids down to bed (don't worry, my parents are staying in the next room!) I practically walked on to BTMRR as the parade ended, walked across the park to Space Mountain as I watched the fireworks, and then walked on to that. It was great fun! I've done three or four attractions in 2 hours with a stop for snack,criss crossed the park, shopped my way out of main street, and generally had a great time. If you are up for it, it's awesome!