Changing your room requests using MDE online

I placed a room request on the MDE website last night at POP for a 4th floor, lake view room. However, after talking to my sister we decided we would rather have a ground level floor. I went to the MDE website to change our request and it won’t let me. Can you not change your request once you make one? Do I have to call in to do it (Hate waiting for a CM to answer)? I swear I was able to change it online last year. We are still 45 days out so it’s not like we are arriving next week.

I think you can change the room and amenity requests on the website that are part of online checkin, but not something you put in the request during booking. So I can go to MDE and tickets/reservations, then choose Modify Check-in (if i’ve already checked in). That’ll let me change a couple options, but not write in requests. For example, for AKL, I have these options:

That’s exactly what I did. I went to modify my two choices I made, 4th floor with lake view and now the check marks are greyed out and it won’t let me uncheck them and check new ones. No written requests. So strange.

Ok, so that’s weird. I totally didn’t even try to click mine. I had done it before, so went to his screen and saw them and took the screenshot. Now that you say it, you’re right. Mine are disabled. I can’t change them.

Yeah, sounds like you’ll have to call. I need to call, too, as my magical express needs changed. Boooo… So i feel your pain.

Thanks @ lawmandy. My dream is calling in and actually only having a 5 minute wait. Yeah, I know, it’s never going to happen. :wink:

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Same thing for me! Guess I’ll be calling too!