Changing touring plans based on crowd level?

Hello! I am 30 days out from my vacation and am wondering if (as crowd levels change) if I should be changing/updating my plans. The book recommending visiting the parks in a particular order so I am following that. I already made dining and fast pass reservations and now I go look at see day 2 is at a crowd level of 8 while day 5 (which I had planned as a rest day) is much lower. Now I am wondering if I should go and alter my plans to reflect the updated info…this would require changing quite a bit though and (as far as I can tell) you have to cancel your fast passes before it will let you look at another park so I am hesitant to do this. Thoughts?

I would say it depends how rare the FP’s and ADR’s you got are, but having a good TP and good FP’s is much more important than a good CL. I wouldn’t change it at this stage of the game if you’re going to forfeit the plan you’ve been building and booking all along.

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I always say that a good TP trumps crowd level any day. The only thing you might want to do is re-evaluate (not re-optimize!) the plans so that wait times will update. But at 30 days out it would be a lot of crazy making to change it all up.

Build the plan, test the plan, follow the plan. You’ll be fine.