Changing Resort Reservations & FPP

Hello all-
I have to make resort reservations well before I know my final itinerary due to it being right after the end of the school year, and my son not really knowing when his last college finals are until a couple of months ahead of time. I have reservations for May 22-27 but it’s possible we’ll have to change it to the 23rd. If I’ve already made my FPP selections, will I lose them all or just the ones I made for the 22nd?

Considering that this vacay spans Memorial Day weekend, I plan to get online at the earliest possible moment for a vacation starting the 22nd.


If you book a package, and then change the dates, then make sure you have tickets linked or a new package booked before you cancel.

If you have separately linked tickets and a room-only reservation, you’ll be fine.

You will get an email warning you that your FPs will be cancelled, but as long as you have valid tickets (or APs) linked then you’re good.


Thanks for answering me so quickly. I’m not sure I understand the terminology, though, they’ve changed things a bit since the last time I did this. How do I tell what kind of reservation I have? I think it’s a package (I booked them all at the same time on the WDW website) and the tickets and resort reservations are all showing up in the MDE section. Is that “linked”?

I’ve already changed the reservation once to add the extra day, and at the same time I added another day to the ticket. The confirmation number is still the same, as far as I can tell it didn’t cancel anything, and gave me credit for the deposit I’d already made.

Why would they send an email saying that folks will lose all their FPPs? They must get a lot of unhappy calls over that!

Yes, your reservation is linked if it shows on MDE.

The email is automatic if you actually cancel a package, because you don’t then have valid tickets - and without valid tickets your FPs will be cancelled. The system doesn’t check at that point if you already have tickets, it will do that later.

The email gives you something like 24 hours to link new tickets; say you cancelled an onsite package and booked offsite. Disney don’t punish you for that, they give you a chance to get nw tickets and then you can keep the FPs.

Sounds like you have a package but already modified it. You’re all good then, I thought you were planning to do that later by cancelling and re-booking.

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Yes, I may have to do it again. I haven’t made any FPP arrangements, May is too far away for that right now. Just wondering what will happen if I do! Thank you.

If you modify the reservation after increases those increases will apply to the reservation. It would not stop me from making the changes, I just want you to be aware.

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I had a similar problem last year. Because of snow days I did not know when DD school year was ending. I booked extra days when I knew there was going to be a problem. I knew what the last day of school was going to be before FPP day so I made the selection and then cancelled the days 45 days out. This way all my FPP selections were safe.

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Thanks for letting me know, PrincipalTinker. Do they typically raise rates at the start of the year?

That is exactly my situation, Joe. I should know the dates well before the reservation cancellation window ends. I hope to know it before the FPP window starts but I may not, sometimes it’s halfway through the semester before they have a clue. Or, before I can get him to give me an answer, anyway! :smile:

They will be changing the way that tickets are priced but I do not think any of us really understand or know how that will impact future trips.

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One idea would be to make a second reservation with your alternate dates. You’ll pay a second deposit, but as long as you cancel a month or more out you’ll be fine. That way even if you cancel the FPP will maintain.


I was thinking about that!

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If I made another reservation, would I get a second set of tickets to go with it?

(As an aside, couldn’t someone deliberately book several days more than they need, just to get a jump on the FPP times, then drop those first days? This seems like kind of a loophole to me.)

Ok, I think I understand. As of Oct. 16, the ticket pricing will change. It’s likely that the dates I selected will be more costly, as the trip spans Memorial Day. So I should probably book a second, complete package including tickets, with my alternative dates (that would be a vacation that is one day shorter, starting on the 22nd instead of the 23).

Then, depending on whether my youngest can arrive on the 22nd or 23rd, I’d cancel the plan I don’t use.

Hmmm. Honestly, I think I may just stick with the 22nd. There are five of us, and the other four can definitely get there by then. Or maybe I can just ask Dad to help junior move out of the dorms…:joy: while the rest of us toast our tootsies at Stormalong Bay.

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Yep! This is how I always book FPP, at my convenience about 5 or 6 days before my true 60 day window opens. This is how you get perfect FPP times. No worries about having to wait until day 8 to get a much wanted FPP.

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You sly devil, you. :wink:

Actually, it’s theoretically possible that he’s done with his finals on the 17th. He’s just rarely one of those lucky ones who get done early. I should probably plan around that possibility, though, because we’re just hanging out on the east coast after my daughter’s graduation from Wake Forest on the 18th. Might as well stay at Disney resort instead of hotel in Winston-Salem!

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