Changing Reservation and MDE

I have a confusing question that I hope someone can help me with.
DH and I are currently booked for 12 nights at Pop in May booked through Orbitz. All FPP have been booked and are perfect.
Now we want to only change to one week at Pop and the second at AoA booked through Disney.
My question is, if I book the two new reservations, link them to my MDE, and cancel the old Pop reservation, will I risk losing the FPP I have booked? Will MDE have trouble accepting two resort bookings at the same time?

Any insight is helpful. I’m a little nervous to just try it since I have some hard to get FPP that I don’t want to lose.
Thanks so much!

If you book the new reservations first and link them into MDE before you cancel, you’ll be fine. If you cancel the Orbitz reservation first, you will lose the FPP’s.

I have several resort reservations for the same time period in MDE until I make up my mind which one I really want or which works for my budget. LOL.

Thanks @DarthDopey! Have you actually done this yourself? It seems like
It would work on paper but with Disney technology, I’m so afraid I’ll lose my FPP and not be able to get them back. I’m 42 days out and would be okay to wait until 30 days, but am concerned that the LM rooms will be completely gone (not able to book them now for our whole trip).

I have done it. But MDE can be so fickle (to be kind).

If you can wait until you’re within the 30 days to cancel, it would be good insurance.

Thanks @DarthDopey! We decided to stick with Pop the whole time. Decided it wasn’t worth the extra $400 for the exact same room :slight_smile: