Changing plans with 5 days to go?

We’re heading for our first trip to WDW on Saturday (Yay!) and I woke up today thinking about of switching two of our days. Right now we’re doing AK on Sunday, the 8th and MK on Thursday, the 11th. I was thinking of switching the days because AK is a CL7 on Sunday vs a CL 4 on Thursday, and I’m a little worried about the potential crowds in MK on the last day of Wishes. The main two issues that I have are that I’d have to give up our CRT reservation on the 11th and an early safari FPP on the 7th. Otherwise, it looks like I can get everything else at basically the same times. Should I just leave it? Or would those two crowd issues make the switch worth it in your view? Thanks for any feedback!

I think you should leave it. If you have a TP, the crowds will be very manageable. Espcially since you have dining to lose/switch… make your life easier and leave everything as is.

You’ll have a great time no matter what - It’s Disney World!


Leave it! Walk away from the plans! You are in the “danger zone”!


If you are truly concerned and not doing what i do where I just analyze plans again and again and again, you could put a dining reservation notification on your dashboard to see if a CRT reservation opens up for what would be the new day. If it does, take the new reservation and make the switch.

I understand your concern about the wishes crowd, but I wouldn’t give up the dining reservation.


I did add the request to the reservation finder this morning, just to see what turns up. :wink: We have an 8:20 reservation for CRT right now and were only planning to be in the park until around lunchtime because of the potential crowds for Wishes, so I’m hoping we’ll be ok. I think I do need to just step away from the touring plans. I want to tweak everything! Haha! I know my girls (3 and 6) will love CRT and we have our FPPs set for both days, so I know I should just leave it. Thanks all!

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We do look at the crowd levels when picking a park but it is more important that we have a good TP no matter what park or what crowd level there is. (This is advice that I received when reading past editions of The Unofficial Guide to Wald Disney World and here on TournPlans) This past year, was at WDW from 12/17 to 12/27 and we were able to have a very relaxing vacation even with the the high crowd levels. We are going back from 12/21 to 12/31 this year and know that the crowd levels will be high. For the upcoming trip, we will look at the crowd levels but know that our TP for each day will be more important than what park we pick. This is in MHO

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Crowd level predictions are just predictions. They won’t necessarily end up being correct. Those 2 days could easily end up being quite equivalent. Your confirmed reservations are much more valuable.