Changing PIN on MBs

I did my online check-in and it said I already had a pin code for my magic band. I assume this is the pin we used on last years trip. But I need to change it because my hubbie and I want the same pin on both our bands (last trip was a girls trip and my grandma set the pin because we didn't want her to forget what it was!) Anyone know how I can change my pin? I couldn't find a place to do it online- can I do it through MDE?

Youcan change it when you check in at the resort

Ok. Thanks!

I remember setting mine on the MDE website. Let me see if I can find it again.

When you log in if you go to 'My Profile' and select 'Payment Methods' there is an area to reset your PIN. Then you should be able to select a new one.


Thanks! I did as you recommended so it is all fixed. Now I can spend those 5 minutes in the park instead of at the front desk- because, you know, EVERY MINUTE COUNTS smile


Glad it worked!