Changing parks & FPP 9 days out?

I have not been to Disney since 2009 when planning was less technological and more simple. I’m a busy nursing student with three kids so I haven’t been able to spend endless hours figuring this out. I decided to plan our parks around the calendars and not the early hours (staying at Shades of Green). Now I’m wondering if I should have done EArly day at MK? If I try to change will I have little to no chance of getting FPP for that days? We are going the week of Aug 3rd…I also haven’t figured out how to make a touring plan on computer and it show up on my app. I can’t figure the touring plans out (personalizing)…help!!

I haven’t been since before your last trip, so I can’t help you with the early EMH/FPP question. But when I made my TP, I used one of the “pre-made” plans and just clicked “copy this plan” at the top of the page. Once you do that, you should be able to remove any attractions/shows you don’t want to see, or add in any that you want to do multiple times, as well as meals and breaks. Once you do that, hit “optomize” and it should have everything layed out for you. Then once I clicked “copy”, it would be available on the app. Hope that helps!

  1. On my next trip, I’m deliberately hitting parks that AREN’T scheduled for early hours (EMH). My crew don’t do mornings well. So I wouldn’t say that it is necessary to change your plan at all.

  2. If you do change this close to arrival, you will find that many hard to get dining ressies and Fastpasses are gone (Anna & Elsa, Seven Dwarves), but you’ll be able to schedule the majority of what you want, when you want.