Changing park reservations

How close to the day of park reservations can you change your reservation to a different park (assuming the park you want has availability)? Can you change it the day before the reservation? Thank you in advance!!

I would think that provided there is availability you could change it right up until the minute that you tap in to that park


Thank you!!

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My pleasure!

When we were there last week, we (DH and I) both had HS but I decided I wanted to go to MK instead. I was able to switch my reservation the evening before with no issues. We were staying on-site and I checked the park availability calendar first.


Thank you so much for the info! Very helpful!

Just as further confirmation, on the WDW availability page, they are still showing availability for today (even for APs!), which would only make sense if they let you book a reservation day of.

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That does confirm it…thank you so much!!

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