Changing park opening time in August

last I looked the normal opening hours for most of the parks the week we are going in August is 9am. I seem to remember the last time we went them opening an hour earlier. Does Disney tend to move the parks hours up as the dates get closer?

Unfortunately park hours are a moving target. But if they change, they change for the better (longer operating hours to be open).

They change them at their will. I’m not sure they are ever really set in stone. The good news is, if they extend the hours, they will add more FPs. I managed to score a 9:30am FOP for 60+1 of our trip last August!

Crowd levels are predicted to be very low in August so it’s highly unlikely that normal opening hours will change to 8am. It could happen but I doubt it. I am hoping for later closing times - we are used to much later than 9pm - and I think there is slightly more chance at this end of the day but I’m not holding my breath.

Thank you!

Yes… I don’t get the early closing times during the summer! I love love the parks after dark!

I know. SWGE won’t even be open and it’s still spoiling my trip :joy: Though I may finally get to see the Kiss Goodnight, so that would be cool.