Changing park hours and FP

If park opening is changed to an earlier time, when do they usually release the extra fast passes?

There’s no ‘regular’. Park hours and FPP were changed at the same time the last announcement but not this time. All of the ‘clued-in’ people with a Feb DHS trip are trying for those 8am FPPs now, just keep trying and post here when you get one :slight_smile:

That’s me. Refresh, refresh, refresh…but nothing as yet. And it’s midnight here in Luxembourg, I need to go to :sleeping:

Go to sleep… I’ll save you one ; )

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Following this! I was just logging on to ask the question. Makes me just want to keep refreshing…all…night…long

If only you could :smiley:

Will they drop tomorrow at 7am, or have they typically been dropped before?

Some days have started to drop

I got to move MFSR to early Fri on 2/21, but no drops for 2/19 yet

I just got MSFR at 9:30 on 2/20! Woo hoo! Now I’m hoping I’ll be able to move my TSMM and RnR to earlier times.

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I’ve just woke up and looks like I’ve already missed them for my HS day. Bloomin’ ‘eck :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I;ve been checking every 30 min. and no changes yet on my day…