Changing Park Days, I'm scared

Tell me I am being ridiculous, please. For our late August trip, I somehow without trying scheduled both MK days on the MNSSHP Tue/Fri. So, I am changing my park days all around. I am afraid I will drop a park and then not be able to pick up the one I want. Before I go an mess everything up, I need some feedback. All the TS are lunch not dinner. Except for the brunch at A&C. Here’s the plan:
Sat 8/20 - Arrival day, flying into MCO 8pm
Sun 8/21 - resort day at FW, archery, Typhoon Lagoon, Cali Grill (I hope)
Mon 8/22 - HS rope drop, HBD, Skyliner
Tue 8/23 - AK rope drop, Satuli Canteen lunch/Nomad later
Wed 8/24 - EP late morning start (horseback ride at FW, Chefs de France, Harmonious
Thu 8/25 - MK rope drop, big midday break Steakhouse71, close the park
Fri 8/26 - A&C, late morning start at HS, Fantasmic
Sat 8/27 - EP rope drop, Teppan Eddo
Sun 8/28 - MK rope drop, big midday break GF Cafe, close the park
Mon 8/29 - AK late arrival (maybe Typhoon Lagoon first?), Sanaa, close the park if they are open past dark
Tue 8/30 - Departure day, flying out of MCO at 12pm

Have we gotten confirmation that Fantasmic is coming back by then? It’s not listed on the calendar.

You are being ridiculous. :grin:


No, this just wishful thinking on my part!

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Gotcha. I got excited because I’ll be there at the same time.

I am manifesting fantasmic into existence by 8/19, so you should be good :blush:


It’s smart to have lunches in the AC in August. I like it.

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My only qualm with it is then I’m so stuffed for the heat of the afternoon. I’ll do them, but I’d rather just do a QS in AC at lunch and a sit-down dinner. The only reason I’m not doing Space 220 for dinner is the cost difference.

I will often try to save $ by eating apps or sharing a plate with one of my teen kids when hitting up the expensive TS at lunch.
Staying at FWC we will do most breakfast at “home” and to go on the way to a park each day. We pack snacks and then have dessert for dinner pretty much every night.

Same. It’s a great time time to try appetizers/desserts.

My biggest concern for you? That you’re not stepping foot in MK until day 6 of this trip :flushed:


I’m only doing MK for MNSSHP on Day 4 and evening plus EEH on Day 5 of mine. The rest is Epcot and AK.

Yeah, now that you put that in writing I am thinking wth is wrong with me! That will just not do. I am guessing this happened because I am giving predicted crowd levels way too much weight, especially when the highest predicted so far for MK is a 5.

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I think we have all gotten so used to doing that.

By now, though, unless there is a dramatic difference (say, 3 and 8 or something to that effect) I don’t let the CL guide me much anymore.


Should I end the trip in MK? Which would put both of our MK days on a Monday? Does this truly not matter?
I am getting ready for my ADRs on Tue next week so I am now in my ‘second-guess every decision I have made about this itinerary’ phase of planning. Ugh.

We like to try to bookend the trip when we can, but it doesn’t always work out that way.


No matter what order you decide to do things in, you’ll be there. It’s exciting! And you’ll have a great time :grin: You also have lots of days and more than one chance to do the things you want if everything doesn’t go according to plan.


Thankyou, this is what matters, just being there. Its been 4 long years! We are so excited. :star_struck:
Also, I changed my park reservations around successfully. Not scary. I just imagined that Disney IT would create some kind of problem for me, what I also wasn’t confident about was just how available each of the 4 parks would be at 64 days out.
I now have my trip bookended with MK days:

I vow to slow down this time around. I think the crowds make me feel like I’m going to be late all the time so I tend to speedwalk to each ride/destination. My husband and kids have full permission to say " slo o o w w…" to me using the same exact tone that I use with the dog when she strains against the leash on walks. :dog2: :upside_down_face:


We try and we fail. We try and we fail. We try and we fail.

:woman_shrugging:t3: Best of luck!