Changing our Anniversary Trip Details - Suggestions Welcome

So we have been talking and we’ve decided to really slow down our very short stay at WDW at the end of July. We’ve decided to not go to any parks except, perhaps, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

I need some help with a couple of decisions:

  1. I have only one ADR inside a park, and that’s Akershus. What should I replace it with? We are staying at WL. We’re are not going to eat at AP due to our dietary restrictions. The other TS there doesn’t sound like our cup of tea. It can be either a 1 DP or 2 DP credit. Here is our itinerary:
    |7/25/2019|Raglan Road Dinner|
    |7/26/2019|California Grill Dinner|
    |7/27/2019|Sanaa Lunch|
    |7/27/2019|Jiko - The Cooking Place Dinner |
    |7/28/2019|Raglan Road Brunch|

  2. Has anyone gone to the H20 Glow Nights in the past? Do you know if the lazy river is open for that? It’s actually cheaper to buy the tickets for the event than a regular ticket.

I love your current ADRs–some of my favorites.
Are you hoping to replace Akershus with a character meal? If so what about 1900 PF? What meal are you wanting?

I haven’t been to Glow Nights but it sounds fun. I love TL.

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Not necessarily replace with a character meal. I’m thinking lunch really. Would 1900 Park Fare be a good choice for lunch?

Nope. It’s breakfast or dinner (and I think sometimes brunch maybe?)
What will you be doing that day?

We may just hang out at WL; maybe go swimming. Or we may go to one of the water parks. How late do they serve breakfast at 1900 Park fare?

I believe until at least 11:30 which could make a nice a late breakfast. Breakfast is an interesting character mix–Alice, Mad Hatter, Tigger and Pooh.
Have you ever done 'Ohana breakfast? My DS is obsessed Stitch so we eat there on many of our trips.

Hmmm. Hard to decide which to do.

And if you are wanting to do lunch in the MK resort area you have options like GF cafe or Kona or The Wave.

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My DD15 and I went to H2O Glow Night last July and it was amazing. Nothing more than a 5 minute line on any slide, and the lazy river was nearly empty with some fun tubes added (rubber duckie, glow, dragon, etc.). We would be doing it again this summer but DD has decided she wants to do DAH instead.


That sounds like great fun!!!

So, I cancelled Akershus breakfast and made an 11:30 am breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. It looked like there would be food that DH can eat there; no so with 'Ohana or Whispering Canyon Cafe. Thanks for the suggestion.

I have him talked into the H20 Glow Night, too. Costing less than the daytime tickets was the clincher. Now to rearrange dinner for Sunday.

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Don’t overlook Geyser Point at your resort. It is a lovely location and has a table service feel because of the bar and grill set up. Not a massive menu, but what is there is yummy.

DH can’t typically eat at QS restaurants. :frowning: He has a very limited list of foods he’s able to eat, and everything has to be prepared especially for him. I may get a snack or two from there, though. I’m limited, but not to the extent he is.