Changing order for Personlized plans via app or mobile

I can't find a way to reorder my steps via mobile. We are on property and do not have access to anything other than mobile phone.

I don't believe you can reorder on the app. Use the Web browser on your phone and go to the TP website. =)

Even on mobile browser of TP site there is no way to reorder as drag and drop isn't possible on a mobile device.

I have had the same concern. Can't reorder steps using iphone or ipad and know I would like to do so on vacation. Hope this is somehow added as a function at some point, because it would be of great use! It could be an option under "edit" for that step in the plan. Perhaps there could be a place to indicate "move this step to appear before step __."

Brad's working on this for an upcoming mobile release. Should be done before Christmas. Thanks for the suggestions!