Changing one person's FP

I feel like I should know how to do this, but the MDE interface has changed since my last trip. I copied my FastPasses to my friends' accounts. Now one of them wants to do Living with the Land instead of Soarin'. (Sigh. I know.) I cannot figure out how to just change hers. Does she need to do it, perhaps? It's grouping all of us together and not letting me select just one person. Can someone walk me through changing just one person's FP please?

go to the day and the fastpasses
even though everyone comes up you should be able to choose the people to change.

i'm trying to access MDE right now to verify this, but the dang bugger is so friggin slow...

ok. that's wrong.

what you might want to try to do is change the time slightly for the current experience. When you click on change times, it allows you to uncheck people that shouldn't change.

then you can go back and change the experience for just those people.

there's probably an easier way, but I can't get into MDE at the moment. ugh

I got that far and all the names were listed so I chickened out. If I click on Soarin' and the choose Change to Living with the Land, it will let me select the person before the final verify?

that's what I was gonna try to see and it stalled on me. stupid MDE

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I knew how to do it in February

i'm a visual person. I need to have it in front of me. My memory is for sucks on a normal day... add some narcotics and I'm practically useless. LOL

I'm tired too, so I might have more luck in the morning.

I figured it out. I just had to be brave. smile They don't give you the option do select or deselect people in your party until the last step. It LOOKS like you're changing everyone's FastPasses, but you do get to just change one at the last moment.