Changing Number of Guests on Reservation

Hiya, Liners! I’m planning a trip Feb 19-24 staying at POFQ. It’s me and my parents. It sounds like my dad may not be able to join us because of work (boo!). I have already attached a ticket to his name online. How hard is it to remove that ticket from his name? Does it get trickier if I do it after making FPP ressies in a couple weeks? I haven’t had to remove anyone from a reservation before so I’m not sure what I need to do. Thanks!!!

To remove him from the reservation, just call Disney. I am guessing you bought the tickets seperately and linked them. If that is the case you’ll need to contact the MDE people and have them unlink it. I don’t *think having FPP Wil affect it. Just don’t make FPP for him if you are sure he isn’t going.

Thanks, @Armadillo_Alert!