Changing my plan I think

So before my ADR day I figured I would go to MK my first day. ADR can only get BBB and CRT on Saturday morning— So I switched HS Friday morning and got a ADR for Hollywood and vine so she could meet those characters.

Problem-- I really want to start at MK. When my daughter drams of Disney she is thinking of the castle. We have PH and DH and I were thinking of less formal sit downs meals.

Here’s my new 4 day plan. Staying at the Poly. Each day we need a break for kids.
Friday- MK, break, beaches abd cream ADR for dinner- check out boardwalk and Epcot
Saturday- MK for BBB and CRT,break then go to HS
Sunday- AK back to resort. Have Ohana ADR maybe stay at resort or check out a country or two in WS.
Monday- MK break then Epcot

Question half day too short at HS for a five year old and almost 2?

My thought for touring is have 3 things we “must do” at the parks and anything else we see great.

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prior to toy story land opening, I would have said that half day at HS is enough for a 5 and 2 year old b/c they wouldn’t be going on ToT or RNRC and possibly not star tours either…so that leaves TSMM and a bunch of shows (disney junior, Frozen sing a long, beauty and the beast etc). but I’m not sure what the height requirements may be for SDD and AS2, both of which would appeal to the 5 year old possibly. Maybe make a personalized touring plan for what you want to see there and see if you can squeeze it in for a half day?

Slinky is a 38 inch ride, AS2 is a 32 inch ride.

You could FP either TSMM or the Alien saucers. Maybe see Frozen singalong or one of the other shows. Muppets perhaps. Are they into Star Wars? If so, you could watch the March of the First Order, go to Launch Bay and meet Chewie.

At that age, a lot of DHS will have to wait a few years, especially if you want to do things together. I would go with your new plan!

That was my thought tsmm maybe the a fast pass for a toy story ride… star tours is tough. I think it might be too much for her. I know my dh and I would like them to sit through Indiana jones and pick one kid show.

I love Indy, and the 5 year old might too. It might be a bit loud for the 2 year old, Some noise cancelling headphones might be a good idea, and something to do in case she/he gets bored.

The stormtroopers are great fun though, although I wouldn’t have them right at the kerbside, in case they get scared.

Good call on the noise-- haven’t been in over ten years. My husband has NEVER been so trying to squeeze in some classics for him…

My BF loved the indy show & the 5yr old probably will too :).
I think the muppets are fun & for kids I have heard good things about the Disney Jr. show. I personally really like the little mermaid show - but I love that movie. I have to say that the frozen show didn’t do much for me, even though I do love the movie.

I think muppets would be great-- and my dd5 loves the muppet babies reboot, so that might be good.

If your DD likes Frozen, she will love the Frozen Sing-Along. I may have told my family that it is our one must do at HS. :wink: