Changing my mind!?! Dining at EPCOT

HI all. I am traveling in January '17 with DH, DDs 8 and 4, and DS 1. We have a dinner res for San Angel Inn on 1/27 but now I am second guessing it. Should I try to get a res at Garden Grill or Coral Reef? Would the kids enjoy it more?

Some notes for consideration:

  • We are on the DDP and I have NO extra TS/QS meals not currently allotted for (i.e., I do not have 2 TS meals for this dinner).
  • I have never been to Coral Reef or Garden Grill but I have been to SAI and LOVE the theming
  • We have a lot of Character meals planned during the week (CMs, Asker, H&V, CRT, and CP) and I do not know if GG will add much but I do love Chip and Dale…

All advice appreciated. -W

All I can tell you is that we really enjoyed San Angel Inn!

As an adult with no kids, one CM per trip is my limit (and TH is the only one I’ll do); five is mind-boggling. I haven’t been to GG in a LONG time, so I can’t really comment on the quality of the food, although it seems to get good reviews here.

Neither of the other two are on my short list of favorites, but with the kids, if I had to choose, I’s stick with SAI. If it were just me, I’d go with Coral Reef - but I was a biology major as an undergrad with plans on going into marine biology, so I can watch fish all day…

FWIW, Biergarten, Via Napoli, Tutto Italia, La Hacienda, Teppan Edo, and Tokyo Dining all come in higher on my favorites list than any of your three choices.

I haven’t been, but does the San Angel kids menu have much on it that your kids would eat? It would be tough for me to get my picky eater to eat there. GG would be a little better in food choices (mac and cheese if nothing else) and definitely better for theming. Coral Reef would probably be the pick for my family as the theming would put my girl over the moon and she loves battered fish.

But you do have a lot of meals on your list that are more “for” your kids, so if you really want to eat there and there is something on the menu they would eat then maybe you should pick one “for” you instead.

My picky eater loved SAI. He ordered cheese quesadilla, and ate that with sour cream and the side salad with Italian dressing. He was perfectly happy.

San Angel was always a favorite for my son when he was on the kid’s menu. The pyramid is relatively entertaining for the kids especially if you can score a table by the water. GG is a great character meal though as it’s good food, family style and the character interactions are some of my favorites. We did Coral Reef for the first time last trip and enjoyed it. Aquarium is nice and food was decent if you like seafood. Don’t think you can go wrong with any of the 3 for kids - think there’s something at each to keep them entertained so I’d pick based off what you prefer. Go with the theming you love and food you know or try something new…

Actually they treat the fish quite well… :slight_smile:



I would stick w/ SAI, I hear good things. My parents went to Coral Reef last trip and did not enjoy…
It looks like you have tons of CMs so I think the kids will be fine at SAI!