Changing my FastPasses fro WDW

Our son has decided to join us last minute on our trip to WDW Jan 16-22.
Do image to cancel the FP’s I have already booked before I can try to book new ones that include him??

Does he have a WDW hotel reservation (or part of your hotel booking)? If his MDE account has FP eligibility right now, he’ll be able to book them using normal procedures - if the same times are still available. Or you can do it if his account gives your account permission.

No don’t cancel yours. Just go in and select his name and add FPP that match up to yours as close as possible. Overlapping is fine if you can’t get the exact time. If you cancel what you have you run the risk of not getting those times and rides back. It’s much easier to get 1 person than to reschedule 3 or more.

As @natalie.lawy said make sure he is added to your MDE or linked as friends and family with his ticket media attached to his name. You can make his FPP now even if he is not staying onsite. If your window is opened and he is linked to you, his window is open. Select add FPP. You will select his and your name. the next step will give you a warning that YOU already have FPP. Remove your name and his can be booked.

Thank you so. I have for your help! I never would have figured this out myself. I just added him seperately with times that over lapped us!
I have another question: I have a FP for Mission Space that I don’t really want to ride. Can he use my Magic Band for that ride so he can use my FP??

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100% yes, you can.

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