Changing length of stay

We are visiting WDW next month and already have our Fast Pass Reservations set up, however we are going to have to cancel the first two days of our trip, and stay one extra day at the end.

It is booked as a split stay between Pop Century and Animal Kingdom Lodge, and we are cancelling our Pop Century portion.

Of course we will loose the FP for the days that we cancel (we won’t be there so that doesn’t matter) but I am worried we will also loose our FP+ for the days at Animal Kingdom Lodge since we booked the passes based on the start date at Pop Century.

Anyone have any insight?

Welcome to the forum. This became complicated this year with date based tickets. To be safe I would cancel the FPP for the days you are cancelling your stay. It really should be dependent on how many days you have for tickets and if you purchased them separate or are the split stays packages

Thanks! We have 8 day - date based tickets, we are just not going to use three days of them, so I am not worried about that. Not much to do in this situation.

I am more worried that with the split stay we had a booking window for 60 days from the beginning of the first stay, so if I cancel that I was worried all my FP+ for the other dates would be affected.

Your FP are safe. It won’t affect them at all!

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Thanks. I have been terrified to change my dates so that they are not synchronous (since there is going to be a 5 day gap) and loose our fast passes! I know Disney has been trying to crack down on people breaking the rules and I didn’t want to get caught up in that.

I’m a bit confused. I thought you were just dropping a couple of days at the start. What do you mean by a gap?

However you should be fine with just dropping a couple of days. They did trial cancelling FPs in similar situations with AP holders, but it didn’t become regular practice.

I’d still be wary though about dropping a week, for example, just because they could start cancelling FPs at any point.

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