Changing hotels mid-vacation

We are starting our vacation for one night at All Star Music and they switching to Kidani Village. What is the easiest way to make the move?

Pack up stuff. Keep a day bag with you.
Either drop bags at bell services (I think they may be called something different at values), or phone them to collect - allow half an hour.
Let them transfer bags.
Turn up at Kidani when ready.
Either collect bags or phone from room.

If room isn’t ready then explore resort or swim. You can stash your day bag in a locker at a park if you don’t want to carry it around.

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Split stays are very easy at Disney. There are a few things you can do to make sure that it goes smoothly. Do you have your own car? If you do not you can take Uber or have Bell Services move your luggage. If you are having Bell Services do it you should have them move your luggage from your room. Ask Bell Services the night before if you have to pre-schedule pick up (Inam adding this after a recent incident). If not, call from your room in the morning. When you call your luggage is tracked in the system. If you drop it off in the morning that tracking system can have a “mis-step”. Once your luggage is with bell services you go to the park and then go to Kidani when you are ready. You should do online check in and put an arrival time. Once in your room call bell services for your bags. You tip bell services when they pick up your bags, and when they drop them off.

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