Changing hotel reservations for free dining?

Help! Staying at Mermaid AoA have been booked for 79 days. Is it worth changing to Pop for Free dining? I like the AoA hotel more. Single momma of 2 so price does matter…

POP would be offering the QS plan. How old are the kids and do they eat a lot? Do you have lots of ADR’s already planned? How much would you be spending if you were paying out of pocket?

are you already on the dining plan?

Sorry for all the questions, but it’s not really a straight yes or no deal. There’s a little math involved. LOL

Ds8. Dd12. No they don’t eat a lot. Already booked with QS paid… like the Ambiance of AoA. I am so torn. I need a money fairy :slight_smile:

So you’re already paying rack rate and the dining plan.

With free dining, that would take that cost off for you. Your DD12 is an adult, so that’s a huge chunk of change to not pay with free dining, even if they aren’t big eaters.

Is the hotel downgrade worth it? I’m paying $3800. Includes airfare hotel food mem maker… not sure if that is a good deal. Thanks for your help !!!

You’re in the LM mermaid room right? It’s not much different than a standard room at POP as far as square footage. It’s actually identical if I recall correctly. Those were the rooms that were initially going to be the other decades for POP before they changed up and made the other family suites.

and LM rooms are ALWAYS excluded from the promotions

Yes. LM. … I like the ambiance of AoA so much better. I think Pop is gaudy but have only seen it in pictures. :frowning: I guess free dining and extra $$$ to blow in the parks is a better idea? Thanks for talking me through this. Most my family don’t understand Disney! !

how long is your stay?

Edited to add… feel free to PM me and we can talk offline.


Airfare was around $1000

POP is actually quite fun! My DS12 prefers it over Poly. LOL. We look for the Potato Heads and love to swim in the computer pool.

Also, it’s still walking distance to AoA, so if you’d like to go over there for the food court, it’s a lovely stroll.

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did you book with Orbitz or another discount engine? just curious because I was looking online to see the actual numbers for your trip (as it stands right now) to do some quick math and without airfare for the LM rooms, I’m seeing almost your total amount. The $1000 for airfare would put me over that number you gave.

went with Disney directly. There was a room discount when I booked. I will have to look online and price the pop resort without discounts. Maybe I already have a great deal?

i would if the price of the hotel wasnt a lot more…dining is very expensive at disney, even just fast food. Look into port orleans, if they offer it, sometimes they dont with free dining. i got lucky twice.

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I’m really confused now. The current promotions don’t include those dates and the Little Mermaid rooms are always excluded from any discounts.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

August 29 (Sat), 2015 - September 05 (Sat), 2015

The Little Mermaid Standard Room

1 Adult, 2 Children (8, 12)

7-Day Ticket

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan

Round Trip Syracuse, NY (SYR) to Orlando, FL (MCO)

Includes Airport Transportation

Vacation Insurance Learn More

Booked 2/27

Is it a bounce back offer our maybe a pin you got in the mail?

Don’t think so… maybe I was just super charming to my CM and got a deal???

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I appreciate everyones help talking me through this. I know… disney problems are nice ones to have. :slight_smile: and I am grateful for it. I decided after watching many utube videos that I will try for value and FD. And save my $$ and spend more in the parks :smile: Thanks a bunch

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