Changing FPP Experiences

Yes, even I occasionally have a FPP question… I’m “stalking” for a 7DMT FPP for my MK day in Nov; I have a "placeholder’ FPP, and on MDE I go to modify existing FPPs, select my “placeholder” and then select “Change Experience”. Here’s my question… By doing this, will it look for a 7DMT FPP ANY time during the day, or only in the time slot in which my “placeholder” currently is? Is there a better “stalking” method? If you need more data for an answer, I only need FPPs for 2, and it’s for a MVMCP day, and none were available at 65 days…


Are you going to the mvmcp? Might make having an fpp unnecessary…

This is a good question. I was under the impression you are then only searching the time you have selected. Is this not correct?

On the app I’m not sure; I believe the app may only search that time slot. But on the website I know you can select a different experience and it will show other times for that experience. So you may want to do your stalking on the web just to be sure you are searching all possible times.

I do virtually everything on the PC unless I’m actually in the parks. Hoping a couple more people chime in…

No, I’m NOT going to the party.

I did this a few weeks ago using Kenny the Pirate’s method. If memory serves correctly, it will look for any other time in the day that the 7DMT has availability. The reason I think this is right is because I got one FP at a time (again, Kenny’s method) but at first they were for all different times of the day, so it wasn’t just filling that one time slot I was trying to change. I ended up with 3 FP all diff times, then gradually moved their times to overlap.
One key: DO NOT HESITATE to jump on it. You’ll do it a zillion times and get rejected, then suddenly there will be one opening. I hesitated for a minute since I was so surprised to find one, and lost out on it. As soon as you get the opening, click it and then click “done” right away. Also, the MDX on phones is not always clear when you’ve succeeded. It sometimes still did not show those extra FP for 7DMT. It was more clear on the computer. But I had good luck on my phone in the mornings. Perspective: it took 2 weeks of stalking and rearranging times.

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@mnigh - can you please elaborate on Kenny the Pirate’s method?

I’ll let Kenny elaborate:

Read that, then note that “copying” plans did not really work for 7DMT for me. Only booking them from scratch and changing experiences one at a time worked.

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