Changing Fast Passes

Can someone please clarify this for me?

I’ve booked my fast passes, but did not get A&E. So now I’ll be trying to do that, everyday.

So, when I go in and “change” and it gives me a list of options. Those are the options for that day? Meaning if A&E had an open open anytime that day it would come up and I would just see the times after clicking? Correct?

Any other thoughts on how to get A&E?

If A&E had any open times, then the attraction would be listed as an option. When an attraction is out of FP+ open times, the “standby” message appears.

The odds of you getting a FP+ for A&E are probably under 5%, because there’s just so little availability. I’d plan on using the standby line (if you really want to see it that much), and periodically checking for FP+ availability.

Just for clarification, though, if there is availability at ‘some time’ for ‘some group size’, but your group is larger or you already have a FPP for that time, you will not see anything, correct? Is there any way to tell that if I just rearranged things somehow I would see one, somewhere? Just trying to decide whether to check in periodically or decide that it just ain’t worth it and do standby.