Changing dates from Sept 18 to Aug 18

I need to change our already booked early September trip (Sept 6-15) due to enrolling our DD in preschool. Since this will be her first year, I don’t want her to miss the first week of school. I am thinking of changing our trip to Aug 23rd to September 1st. I have been to WDW during the end of August before and was 6 months pregnant. It was hot, but the crowds were manageable. If I switch up my dates, will I be charged the parking fee since my original reservation was booked before the daily parking fee deadline? I know I’m changing dates so figuring we will have to pay fee. Also, will I have a lot of trouble getting dining reservations? I would love to keep our vacation in September, but we are homeschooling our soon to be 7th grader for the first time and will have a 4 year old in preschool for the first time. I don’t want my DD to miss her first days of school. My DH is also traveling to Orlando the last week of September for a conference so moving it later in the month isn’t really and option.

As a homeschooling parent of 5, one of the great advantages we had when it came to vacations was taking our trips during the time periods that most people can’t. First week of September has been the all time best week.

The fact is, I’d personally recommend you have your DD skip the days at school. Some will disagree with me on this, but I just don’t see that preschool is really all that important. More important are those times spent with family. But if you move your trip, you will be moving it to a MUCH busier time. And since you are homeschooling your 7th grader, you can dictate the schedule.

Having said that, I’m sure you’ll have a good time regardless (it is Disney after all!).

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I agree with you! Because we have had our older children in school for the past 18 years and it is difficult to change your mindset when you pull your kids out to homeschool. I could maybe move the trip back as long as we arrive back by the time my DH has to leave for his business trip back to Orlando. I am also waiting to see if free dining is released for September which may factor in to our decision. Thanks for your advise!