Changing Dates for Tickets

The new ticket pricing/date system has me confused. If I buy tix for a week in October, but one of my kids gets sick right before the trip and we need to switch our trip dates … what is involved in switching the date of the tix?

From reading on MDE, it sounds like I can switch the dates of the tix online (or be calling) and that the cost me would be any difference in the ticket price between the dates (but no other fees or charges for changing dates). Am I understanding that correctly?

Correct. You can go on MDE and change the dates of your tickets up until the first day the ticket is valid. You will just pay the difference in date rates. (If you change to a cheaper day you do not get a refund). If you buy tickets and then there is a price increase, you will have to pay that difference as well. To me the price increase factor is the biggest downside.

I just did this recently to move a ticket from May to September and again to October. I was also able to adjust the number of days and add park hopper.

Adding: If you have a hotel+ticket package you have to call to switch dates but no charge (for people in USA).