Changing Date-Based tickets - experiences w/Closure?

I am anticipating the closure will go through at least part of my dates (4/19-4/28). For those of you who had to change date-based tickets due to the closure, did you have to pay the difference in ticket price (if higher)?? The wording on the refund/reschedule policy doesn’t specify. My “new” dates will be a little higher, I am just trying to decide whether I reschedule now or wait until/if they extend the closure.

I don’t think there is any advantage to rescheduling them now. Even if April 19 comes along and the park is open, you can still reschedule and just pay the ticket price differences for the new dates. If you wait, however, and they are closed, they will likely convert to “anytime” dates for at least the remainder of the year.

The only time I could see rescheduling sooner than later would be beneficial is if you are anticipating a ticket price increase from Disney. I doubt that’s in the works for the short term.

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Currently all tickets that were date based during the closure were extended until December. I would wait.


I am waiting specifically for this reason. If I change now for dates that aren’t closed, I pay the diff. But if I wait, they might call it even

FWIW my husband called yesterday to change his and the kids’ UOR tickets for 4/28 to 9/1. Not only did they not charge him for the change, they refunded him $63 because the ticket price was less. I was impressed


I was just in a chat with Disney. If your tickets fall within the closure and are therefore unused and unexpired during those dates, they will automatically update to an end use date of 12/15/2020. As long as you plan to travel in that time you need to literally do nothing. And that way you don’t have to potentially keep moving them if the closure extends past a planned rescheduled travel date

Now I am interested to see if this works smoothly on arrival, but I’m happy I don’t have to get on the phone today or fight with the computer to get them updated.