Changing a discounted room reservation

Help, I kind of made a mess with our reservations and I am afraid to make changes for fear I will lose the Disney+ discount on the room. I made the reservation for my DS and DDIL but I put myself as one of the people and need to change it to my DGD. Can I edit the reservation to delete me and then add her or do I need to get GS involved? TIA!!

That depends on who is on the reservation as the lead guest and who is the account holder with Disney+.

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For any changes to the guests on any reservation except DVC a phone call is required.

As stated, the only risk to the discount is if the guest being removed is the D+ subscriber. Otherwise so long as the D+ subscriber remains in the room reservation, you will not lose the discount by changing the names of the guests on the reservation. I had one reservation I changed names on no less than 4 times.

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Actually I have been able to change guests on the website/mobile site as long as it’s not the lead guest. Up until they take away the button and say to call instead. I’m not sure what the cutoff is but for awhile the guest can make that change online. Just click change reservation and if you see the blue “change” as here you can change it:

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Interesting! I’ve not been that lucky I guess LOL

I actually made another reservation with the Disney+ discount about 2 hours after the one in question for my other son and his gf and didn’t even add myself to the room.

So are you the one with Disney+ and not them? And you were able to make the reservation and not be on it? That’s valuable info if so!

Yes, I was frazzled when I made the first one and assumed I would need to be on the reservation. When I made the 2nd one a couple hours later I really didn’t think there would be availability left so I did it more just to see and while it shows up in MDE “Future Plans” I am not listed as staying in the room. Also,

FWIIW I do know that the son whose reservation I need to change has D+

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