Changing a Base Ticket

I’m sure this information is out there somewhere but I am at work and figured it would be faster to ask this group :slight_smile:

I have a December trip planned with my fiance, two of his kids and their families. My fiance and I are arriving the day before and staying Poly club level for a little calm before the madness! When we booked that room, we just booked with a two-day base ticket, we didn’t really care to park hop because we wanted to do AK on day 1 and Epcot on Day 2 before everyone else arrives that day.
But…after reading @profmatt’s review of the HEA dessert party, I need to go to that! But, we will be a party of 8 once everyone arrives and we are already going to MVMCP and frankly, don’t want to spend the extra $ for everyone to go to the dessert party.
So…can I change my 2-day base tickets to a park hopper option or do I have to decide AK vs MK for our first day?

You can upgrade your tickets to park hoppers. You are only staying at Poly Club for one night?

Yes, just one night. And I should have included that the park tickets that we bought for the rest of the stay are military tickets so those are 5 day park hoppers but we cannot add on to those or use those before my finance’s son arrives, hence the reason for getting the 2 day base tickets for the days we are there without the rest of the group. Hope that makes sense

If they are discounted tickets you will have to do it at a park but if they were purchased through Disney you should be able to upgrade at the CL concierge.

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@PrincipalTinker thank you so much for your quick response!!