Changes to Universal Orlando's mask policy due to Covid - Stage 3

Do you think Universal will change their mask policies?

Florida has now moved to Stage 3 restrictions, which means bars, etc. are at 100%. Theme parks also have no state-mandated restrictions. There is a thread in Disney World discussing the possible changes there. During their post-lockdown opening discussions, Disney had to negotiate with their employees (maybe a union?) on the procedures. So, it would make sense that those agreements still be in place.

I discussed this with DH and his theory is that nothing will change at Universal because of liability. They don’t want a class action suit against them for people saying that they caught Covid there.

Another aspect is what effect will easing the Covid restrictions have on the crowds, or really what impact does Universal think will happen to the crowds? There will be those that cancel because they are scared of getting covid. There will be people that will decide to go because of no restrictions. I have to think that the not_worried people outnumber the worried people because of how much busier the water park was versus the regular parks. Water park being basically a mask-free area.

I hope everything is opened up. We had Covid in Jan or Feb (I forget now), but before it was a thing. So, we can’t spread it, and even then it wasn’t a big deal. It didn’t make the top 5 worst respiratory illnesses I’ve had, and I’d have forgotten about it if I hadn’t learned what it was.

I didn’t consider Universal’s response to DeSantus… I know Disney isn’t’ changing their mask policy, hopefully Universal will hold steady too.


Trying to make this view correctly:


How did u find out for sure? I had a miserable respiratory illness in late Jan. In June, no Covid-19 antibodies. So Doc said I either didnt have it or my antibodies have worn off. Meaning I can get it again and spread it however if I dis actually have it, my body has a second line of defense that should kick in to make it a much milder, quicker case. I didnt think they were doing testing in Jan or Feb, not that I can recall here at least. Curious minds.


If you donate blood they do antibody testing and give you the results. So, win-win.

I know lots of people that had it before it was a thing. The part I find interesting is that it wasn’t worth discussing until we knew what it was. It was just in the category of non-flu, non-strep virus that people get one of every few years. You get it, you stay home until well, and then go back to life.


Thats how I found out I have none. Donated for a patient we knew and the hospital was doing ati body testing on all blood for their research (had to consent to it though).

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Ah, the good 'ole days!


No, perception is everything.

Unfortunately, the research is more and more pointing towards immunity not being permanent. The goods news is that likely you would have an even milder case. The not-so-good news is that you would still be able to spread it. Latest “best estimate” by the CDC is that even a totally asymptomatic case has 75% of the transmission potential of symptomatic case.