Changes to Monorail Operations

Looks like there will be some marked changes to how the monorails operate in Feb and March.

I’ve read elsewhere that this is in response to maintenance issues at the CR station. But I envision unsuing chasos…


Wow. People are going to be very unhappy.

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Wow, how inconvenient! No direct route to Epcot.

Dang that’s a bummer. We are staying at BLT next month and it looks like we will have to switch rails just to get to Poly. I guess I can’t complain - won’t be as bad as being trapped in my house with 2+ feet of snow outside my door! :wink:

Thanks for posting this. We’ll be at the Poly in 10 days!

My understanding was if you were staying at a resort on the MK beam, you always had to transfer at the TTC to get to Epcot. Am I missing something? During the change dates, CR still has monorail access to the TTC and guests at the Poly can walk to the TTC - it’s a bummer for the GF though.

By the way, does anyone know when the Epcot beam starts service in the morning these days. Is it early enough for RD on EMH days?

You are probably right! I haven’t been in a number of years. I’ll check it out on Monday and report back :smile: Good question about RD though.

This post got me thinking…
We have 5pm ADR at Ohana on the Tuesday that we arrive. (Flight lands at 11am). What would be the best way to get from BLT to Ohana considering this modified monorail schedule? Monorail to TTC and walk to Poly? Also curious how long it would take us to walk from BLT to MK boat launch and take the boat to Poly. I haven’t been to WDW in over 10 years and have a hard time remembered how far apart everything is!

Mono to TCC then walk yo Poly. Or walk to MK then Mono to Poly.

Or boat to Poly like you said. The boats are lovely.

I know my kids would enjoy the boat. Any idea how long each of these options might take? Wondering if we might be able to squeeze in a nap for my youngest before we head over to the Poly!

I’ve been told the monorails will also be running in shuttle mode, not a complete loop, so only one train running on each side. That means there are no trains running in the space between the TTC and Poly. Maybe construction in that zone?