Changes in early entry with MVMCP tickets?

I had emailed WDW to find out when we could get in with the christmas party ticket if we didn’t have park admission for the day. They responded saying, no guarantees, but 4PM for Halloween party. I responded- nice, but what about Christmas party? Then I got a long response describing the party that explicitly states: “If you wish to enter Magic Kingdom® Theme Park prior to 7:00 p.m., a Magic Your Way Theme Park Admission will also be required"

Maybe a change? Or is this just part of the standard description? It sounds to me like they may not let us in at 4PM. I’d love to know if people got this info in the past or if it is a change. It will also be good to know as the parties start if anyone is turned away before 7PM.

So you basically got an answer that was different depending on the party? I heard rumors but the Christmas Party is a long time away.

We have been to the MVMCP 4 times now and we have always gotten in at 4. That being said, it is totally up to Disney on the time they let you in. I think it is standard language but I’d check closer to the start of MVMCP, which is early November.

It may also have been two different people responded. The halloween party was a small personal note, the Christmas party was a formal page. It would be strange to do one and not the other. But Christmas is a much more busy time.

It would be somewhat of a gate/ticketing nightmare for Disney if they wait until 7 pm to let party people in. This is the main reason for allowing entry at 4pm as they have in the past. While they can change their minds at any time, I personally don’t see them waiting all out until 7pm.


I went on the MDE site today, started a chat window, and asked WDW CM if entry will be 4 or 7 pm for MVMCP, and, after a (let me check?) pause, a definitive 4 pm, same as for evening Special Events like MNSSHP and MVMCP. :slight_smile:

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So happy to hear that!!! I have a touring plan “Ladies party night” that really covers the park, but depends on us getting in early after “Dunch” or “Linner” at Kona Cafe. It should be great fun. Thank you so much for the info

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