Changes coming to the Boardwalk

A new TS restaurant, sandwich shop and updates to the BW lobby and rooms (BWI) have been announced.,-bakery,-enhancements-to-the-hotels-lobby,-and-refreshed-guest-rooms.htm


Ugh. I mean great news but when will renovations begin? We are staying there in September and I’m inclined to relocate if it will be under construction

Unless the normal DVC schedule has changed, the DVC portion of Boardwalk was due for a full refurbishment in 2023. Probably doing it all at the same time.

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I swear to God if I hear about one more refurb before BR I’m selling that contract. It is 2 years overdue at this point and there has been 0 update.


As far as I’m aware, BR is on the books for 2022, later in the year perhaps??? Not sure if this has been confirmed by Disney or not.

I happen to love staying at resorts during refurbishments but I am crazy. @LTinNC82 my first thought was the BR refurb because it almost sounds like this will jump in front (but I am looking forward to no more couch beds).

It sounds like they are trying to address the “no real QS” issue too?

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Yes. Which would be really nice. Wish they weren’t keeping the ice cream shop tho. Or at least not keeping it as is. I sorely miss Ample Hills.

Can I ask why… curious?

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There hasn’t been any mention recently other than the original 2020 was delayed to 2022.

Although running it themselves and selling supermarket ice cream at those prices is a good business plan?

I suppose. Which seems to be their #1 goal these days. :roll_eyes:

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That’s what it sounds like to me too considering there hasn’t been anything announced for the Br refurb in a very long time. BR is in desperate need for it too. It was the worst DVC room I’ve stayed in to date. SSR was next worst and now it’s fabulous. The fact there is such a short time left on the contract makes me concerned too since it means now BR will always be behind the curve.

Generally quieter and Disney does a good job of leaving enough open that you have options. I stayed at WL when CC was being built and I think we ate at Geyser Point even before they lost the key used to lock the bar :flushed:. We stayed at Poly during the big renovation (before this last one) and I think we stayed there three times (renovating pools, taking the fountain out, building Trader Sam’s), and CSR when they were building the tower (but we stayed after those beautiful room renovations).


BWV has the same end date? I just don’t understand the delay. I know BWV and BCV have either refresh or complete renovation next year but it seems like they are doing some at the same time as the resorts and BC hasn’t been re-done in a long time too?

Fun! I’m hoping that the dining additions provide for more allergy friendly options in a quick serve. That’s my one hangup with staying there - there’s nowhere for me to get a quick meal. And my allergies are not complicated.

According to this site BW had a refresh in 2016, BC had a full refurb in 2016 and BR had a full refurb in 2014 so yes BR and their owners are not getting the upkeep they should.

Did you notice BC has moved up in that chart? I am going to have to search the DVC info boards to see if they tracked that change.

Yeah… I don’t onow what is going on. It’s very disheartening.

Wouldn’t you, as an owner, have some grounds for demanding an accounting for your dues if they are not attending to that in a timely fashion?