Change touring plan start time if signing up for Jedi Training?

We're going to sign up for Jedi Training first thing after RD. Should I change the start time of my touring plan to 9:15 or 9:30?

sign up might be first, but you might not get an actual training time until later. There are multiple training times during the day. Waiting for the signups should be part of your TP as well as the training itself.

If you are super bent on getting that first training time, then be sure to be at HS AT LEAST 45 minutes prior to park open, if not earlier. be right in front of that mass of people at the tapstiles. and be sure to be the first people over at the sign ups. and remember your child needs to be with you if they want to participate.

Good luck!!

I started my TP at 9:20 to account for sign ups... But really don't expect to stick to that plan because I have no idea what time we will get our show!

Exactly! We pretty much made our TP up as we went along last time we were at HS because they made us have an early show when we wanted a late one. It all worked out fine though!

It might be a good idea to set your TP to start at 9:15 because you never know how long the sign up line will be. Worst case scenario is that you'll be ahead of schedule if you're able to complete the sign up quickly. But as the others have said, your TP will likely change because predicting your showtime is impossible.

How strict are they on your show time? I've heard about people asking for a different show and it being no problem.

@BlueLineRider I have heard most of the time it is easy to request a later show time... But never go in with one specific show time you need. Be flexible.

Thanks @mrsbeast. I would think they would take ADRs and FPP into consideration. And maybe just let you go later if there is space.

On my particular day I was worried we wouldn't get a show at all because we missed RD and crowd level was 9.3. But there was no line and they hadn't filled the first show. I had arranged to meet the rest of the family in the park and we had no phones as we'd just arrived from the UK and couldn't connect to a network, so I requested a later show - ideally I wanted the 11.20 but the CM was really horrible to me about it, she asked why I needed my family, all he needed was 1 adult to sign up, even though I had explained we had no phones. I was nearly in tears due to her nastiness and she eventually gave in and let me have the 2nd show. But it messed up all our plans because we didn't have time to ride anything before it.