Change to rules for 180+ Dining reservations

I just got off the phone modifying some of my dining reservations. Everything is good but they had to jump through some hoops because there has been a policy change on how some reservations can be booked.

According to the rep, the 180 day + length of stay for onsite guests, will no longer apply to your checkout day. You can start booking dining at 180 days and if you’re onsite you can make reservations for every day of your trip except your checkout day. If you want lunch/dinner reservations that day you’ll have to wait until 180 days like any offsite guest.

The assumption is that if it’s your checkout day you’re leaving and don’t need any reservations. For groups like mine that still had a full day of touring planned that can be a minor irritation.

I would phone back. In fact, just do it online.

I don’t believe that can be right. Dining plan credits last until midnight of check-out day, you can use EMH on your check-out day. No way do they not allow you to book ADRs.


Minor irritation? You’re being quite generous there. Very odd they would change that. It does seem odd that FP+ wrap, but ADRs wouldn’t though.

All my reservations are fine, they were made before the new update was put in place. I was calling because I needed to decrease the party size and the rep had to contact another department to be able to modify them because the new system update kept saying they shouldn’t have been valid in the first place. I’m lucky that this doesn’t affect me, but thought that other people may want to be aware of it.

Of the 8 reservations I needed to change it was only the 2 on the checkout day that had this issue. They had to verify my resort reservation and then get someone higher up to make the change.

That makes no sense. If it a “new update “ my money would be on a software update that messed
it up- like the AP onsite bookings.


That would have been my assumption if the rep hadn’t specifically said “new policy” that they updated the system with. Perhaps the rep was just being chatty and guessing, but she gave the impression this was a new rule.

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“That makes no sense. If it a “new update “ my money would be on a software update that messed it up- like the AP onsite bookings.”

Reading around, and from @profmatt’s post about SDD FPs, there were updates made last night, which resulted amongst other things in no tiers being enforced, friends and family disappearing, and various other glitches.

My money is with @PrincipalTinker here. A major glitch as a result of the updates. I think the CM was probably trying to “explain” the sudden change in the procedure.


Phone CMs have a tendency to make stuff up.


I’m finding this to be the case. Rather frustrating.


That’s interesting because we have a split stay. And the 2nd half of our split is not “opened up” for us today. The first stay is open at 180 days. I guess I need to wait till 180 days before the first day of the 2nd split??

Yes. That is standard. The only exception is if you are DVC members, in which case MS can make the reservations for you for the whole trip at 180 days out.

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Hmm , last year we had 3 splits and made reservations for all the days we were there the day it opened up. It’s like they were all linked together so it didn’t matter. We were DVC all booked by the member. Oh wait! This time we’re at BLT and a DVC member booked it for us and. Then I Booked THe Beach Club Villas online. Is that going to mess up my fast pass set up??

Fastpasses are not affected, they will open up for the whole time.

FPs and ADRs use different systems.

As for the ADRs last time, that’s unusual. I’ve never been able to do that myself on a split stay, Member Services do it by creating a dummy stay for the whole time at resort 1 and book the ADRs for you.

This. All the time! We liners know way more than they do most of the time.


Ok phew. Fast passes are so much more important. Thank you!


This is interesting because when I first tried to book a Chef Mickey’s breakfast on our checkout date it was blocked out. We are staying at the Contemporary so it only makes sense we should be able to eat there before our checkout time. A few days later I was able to book so possibly that was at 180 days from check out- I don’t remember exactly when I did it.

My adr day was Sunday. I just checked and I can make an adr for my checkout day right now and it is well beyond 180 days.


If this is really a concern book an extra day and at 160 cancel it. Problem solved for the US guests.

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Do I need to be worried about my shiny new FPP for SDD? Was it made available in error? Might it be snatched back?