Change to Ohana Menu Reported 7/22/14

Wanted to share this reported change in the Ohana menu. Looks like the salad will now be by request only. It is not automatically being served.

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Sure seems like they are making a lot of changes that are not for the better there. I wonder what’s prompting them.

Hmm. Sure seems like a lot of changes in a short period of time. I’m glad that we decided to cross Ohana off our ADR list for our upcoming trip.

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This really worries me. I have an ADR for 12/23 but recent reviews are reporting things way different from what I experienced back in May. Not good :confused:

Concerns me as well. Have never been, but seriously considering canceling my 12/20 ressie. Sad though since I’ve heard so many good things in the past :frowning:

@kellymouse5, after being avid Ohana fans I crossed it off our list too. It has always been a must do for us… But I guess it’s time we tried something new.

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Hmmm… I do enjoy a salad, so I’ll be sure to order it separate. We haven’t been since 2009, but we are going back this trip on out last night (8/9) so I’ll be sure to let you all know how good/bad it is now.


Yes please! An update would be great

I personally don’t like how sneaky it feels. You can have it if you ask for it. I mean seriously why not ask the table if they would like it or perhaps ask how many would eat it (to gauge proper portion). There plenty of ways to reduce cost regarding this item and be more upfront about it.

Ohana is off our list as well not because of this but because the chicken is gone which is a big part of the meal for us.

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After going to disney a number of times and never planning a trip more than 180 days out we always missed this restaurant. This year I booked the ADR at 180+10 and got a reservation for my family.
I will be requesting the salad as my family will eat it more than the noodles. I am going to give it a try this time and hope that the bread pudding makes up for the rest or my Dh may not forgive me for taking him to Ohana.

I don’t mind this change, we always wasted the salad and I always thought it should be optional to bring or not since I don’t like funky salad sauce. I just don’t like how they want you to ask for it. Why not just tell us they have it and let us decide if we want it or not. People who don’t know that it exist are going to miss out.
We had an amazing time when we went mid June! I loved the food, but the grill were working at that time. Maybe instead of crossing it forever of your list, just wait until the reno are done and everything is in order!

The bread pudding is to die for, and if you like shrimp it’s all you can eat Shrimp and I love them! That is say from someone who’s from a fishing town and had access to fresh seafood!

Thanks. I like shrimp but my family doesn’t. Bunch of picky eaters. I’m making them get away from basic American food, you know making them try some thing new.

I totally understand, I was a picky eaters until maybe 2-3 years ago, and now I eat almost everything!! I was told that my dad was a picky eater until he was 23-25, he wouldn’t even eat pizza! So there is still hope for them :smile:

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I used to be a VERY picky eater until 23, now I’m slightly picky but I liked 'Ohana a lot.

Hmm. Ohana is our favorite restaurant, and we’re vegetarians so the salad is an important part of our meal. Good to know you can at least still ask for it.

The shrimp were our favorite part of the meal. They were extremely good! I agree with your earliest post that they should offer the salad to the table. Some would take it and others not but it seems odd to make it by request only. I do plan of giving it another try after the resort refurb b/c we really want to stay at the Poly and I’m all about convenience when it comes to ADRs.

My son (10) is ridiculous with how picky he is but he asks that we go to Ohana every trip. The only thing he will not eat is the bread and the salad, but he asks for seconds if not more on everything else. I’m more disappointed about the chicken as I don’t eat the other meats. Guess I get all the shrimp!

Does your son not like bread in general or is it just Ohana bread? I am hoping my son who only eats carbs will at least eat the bread and my meat eater will eat the meats and my youngest will eat everything else that they don’t.

I’ve only been once but I recall that the bread had a bit of a sweet taste to it. It was good though! If you have picky children and you find that they won’t eat the shrimp, steak, etc. you should be able to ask for them to bring something else like chicken nuggets or maybe even pasta. Hopefully they will be able to accommodate and he won’t have to only eat bread.