Change to Magical Express plans when renting DVC points

We are renting points for our March trip. I filled out the form with the company I used and the owner reported our Magical Express/flights times to Disney. I did receive a confirmation from Disney. I learned today that Delta and Southwest have changed my party’s flights times by an hour+. I’m wondering if I can just call Disney at this point since I have a confirmation from them of my original booking. I hate to bother the owner again since it’s just airlines being annoying. My other thought was to ask someone at the hotel front desk to make the change when we arrive.

Someone else can confirm, but I’m pretty sure they track the flight number specifically, not the times of the flight if you provided it, because flights change regularly. So as long as the flight numbers haven’t changed, I think you’re okay.

I would just change it when you arrive.

The only part for which it matters is the return journey. Last trip, when we checked in on-line for the flight, we discovered the flight time had changed. We asked the front desk to contact DME and just made sure to double check when we were notified of our departure time.

You certainly can call them directly. But for an hour’s difference I wouldn’t be particularly concerned.

Are you leaving the resort an hour later? I would just call to make sure that is in the system. Although I am sure it is not needed since you really only provide them the flight number. That did not change?

I have to ask, have you ever got the link to adding DME to work from your DVC dashboard? I always just end up using the link I have to the online form. Why does everyone say the owner has to add it?

The flights got so messed up that my mom angry called and actually got us on an entirely different flight because Delta initially separated us into two different flights at different times. Now we have a different flight number and are leaving 2 hours later than previously.
I rent from DVC rentals. I used their online form initially. For some reason I thought it went through the owner. My agent is super great so out of curiosity I might email her and ask how it actually works - I’ll report back.

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I rent out points via David’s and can confirm as the owner I made the original request. I have a feeling once you have the confirmation info you can then follow directly yourself. If not don’t be afraid to have your rental company contact the owner, thats part of the deal.

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How are you arranging DME for your renters? Do you call or use the link on your member dashboard under the reservation?

Thank you so much!

Honestly have never tried. I was using the DME method long before I was DVC

I tried to use the link three time in the last 6 weeks. It doesn’t work for me. I guess I don’t understand why the owner would need to get DME.

I could use the link I use for myself (not any special DVC link) but couldn’t the renter too?

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The rental agency sends me the details needed and then I went online on the DVC site to add it to the reservations.

I’m renting points for our March trip, and after going through the company to register for Magical Express, I changed our flight home to a later one. The ME contact number was right on My Disney Experience, so I called and changed the time. Since the bus leaves three hours before a flight, I certainly didn’t want to leave even earlier than that!


When I booked for my renters I used the link from my dashboard.

I think the reason people say the owner has to book is because the brokers say that! And that would be because the link is on the DVC site.

Many people know you can call DME direct, but the majority probably don’t.

Funny, for my December trip and when I booked DME for my son’s upcoming trip the link on my member dashboard kept on linking back to the original page. All links led to this:

I wasn’t sure if it was DVC or me. I tried last night for my April trip. When I clicked on the link in the “reserve Magical Express” section it actually worked! I am glad this thread had me look at that again.