Change resorts? When to cancel?

In the spirit of “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” I can say: “No vacation plan survives contact with my family.”

The OG plan: WDW 9/5-15.

WELL Since CL’s are up on Saturday (oooh a 3-as opposed to the 1’s and 2’s the rest of the visit) we figured to do something else. So we will be visiting Cape Canaveral on Saturday (I’m a space nerd, DH is a space nerd, DS just gets to suck it up). Then someone (might’ve even been me) mentioned that I had said the next time we did WDW we should so Universal and be that this is the next time - well now that’s on the table.

During our visit crowds were low Sunday at US. So I figured, sure, lets do that. Then I dug deeper…looks like the common wisdom is to do Universal for 2 days. So now Sunday and Monday. I got into express pass, early entry - I guess the reasons and what not aren’t important. What it boils down to is I now have a decision to make.

We are booked at YC 9/5-15. I also have a reservation at universal at the Portofino for Sunday night.

The 1st revision of the OG plan was to drop YC for the 1 night and stay at Universal. But now I’m thinking (that I’m doing this to myself) why not check out of YC Saturday morning - do the Cape Canaveral thing, and check into the Universal hotel that evening. Do Universal 2 days, then check back into WDW on Monday night.

This opens up a can of worms. At the time of booking (military salute) YC was the only resort we were interested that was available for all the nights of our visit. Now if we’re breaking it up, we may be able to book a different resort.

However I got to thinking (dug the hole deeper) - with ADR’s and what not wouldn’t it be prudent to hold my current reservation, book a 2nd reservation for the tail end - then just shorten my stay on my first reservation? If I did that, at what point should I shorten the 1st reservation. After my ADR date I would assume.

I think I just made what was supposed to be a simple trip complicated. Any advice?

Not only did I open a can of worms…they are now crawling all over my desk. So, we are booked Yacht Club 9/5-11 but we now have a reservation for a theme park view room at the Grand Floridian from 9/11-15.

Did I make a mistake? Since this is two separate - but continuous reservations I may have some issues booking my dining ADRs. Gosh I don’t know. I had so many numbers thrown at me - the difference is somewhere between 300-700. That is a big difference, but I was comfortable with 700 so it’s not the price that’s giving me the nausea.

I’m just conflicted now. I know ADRs aren’t the be all end all to a trip, but I was looking forward to the +10 for making some reservations. I just don’t know.

Then there is F&W to consider. Quick access to EP from the YC - but there is monorail access to EP from GF. Is it going to make that much of a difference? I just don’t know if the BW & EP area would be better for us. But since we’re staying such a long time - and I have anted to always stay at the GF. I just don’t know!

Your first reservation is for 7 days? You will be able to make your ADRs for those days. Honestly, I do not think there will be any ADRs you cannot get. I would be careful planning on the monorail to Epcot. This is the Current monorail closure schedule. . I often book my ADRs before my resort reservations and I have never had a hard time booking everything I wanted one day at a time at day 180. You will be able to make FPs for your whole trip at day 60.

For right the first reservation is for 7 days. At some point I’m going to be dropping probably the Saturday and Sunday nights since we will spend those at Universal. It’s looking like Saturday we will check out and head to Cape Canaveral for the day. In the evening return to the Orlando area but Universal Studios. Stay at Universal Sunday and Monday night then return to WDW on Tuesday until we depart on Friday. The first part of the trip is at YC the 2nd half is at the Grand Floridian.