“Change Party” for fastpasses removed?

I’m pretty sure this got nuked - anyone else struggling to find it?

It was removed from the app but last I heard you could still do it on the website.

Just went to try and… nope.


I guess it’s gone then. The writing was on the wall when they took it off the app.

Yeah I definitely appreciate why… it was open for abuse and I confess I was intending to ‘play the game’ myself. That will teach me for trying to be a clever cloggs!!

Had to use lightning speed just now to drop fastpasses and re-optimise the plans. Managed to sort it, phew!

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Well that’s unfortunate. Maybe you wonderfully smart veterans can help me out…we have a party of 7 for FPP (plus one infant). There are rides that my mom won’t ride no matter what, but I still got her an FPP. My plan was to have her get RS when she stays with the infant and the rest of us ride. I was then going to transfer her FPP to my husband and use her band for my self and 2 DS on the RS. Is there anyway to still make this work? I hate to waste my mom’s FPP.

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If your mum has entered the park, you can use her band to use her FPs.

Oh I don’t think that answers your question.

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Yeah, the issue becomes that she has both the extra FPP and the RS. Do you think we could split our group and after she gets the RS someone else use her FPP for the first ride? Then they use their own for the second ride and I use her band for the RS? Does that make sense?

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Kind of. It’s giving me a headache :joy: Honestly I don’t know. Why is it so complicated?!

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I know, it took me a while to be able to visualize the first plan. Changing it now is too much!!


I’m not quite sure I understand all your terminology but, ultimately, if you can’t transfer fast passes then it doesn’t sound like it will work.

I think what I’m basically asking is can someone get RS for a ride they have FPP for, then use that FPP before the RS (by switching bands with a different rider)?

Backside of Magic was reporting that the desktop version of the site still has “change party.”

That’s what we’re hoping to do as well: Have grandma get a RS pass, then hand off her band to me who will use the FP (or the RS, it doesn’t matter) 2 minutes later and catch up with the original group in the queue (they will stop to “tie their shoes” or something). Then for a second time on the ride, I’ll use my own FP and DW will use grandma’s other entitlement etc. etc. This way we don’t end up with two entitlements on one MB and zero on another MB.

I actually made a spreadsheet for each ride detailing who will wear whose band and use which entitlement.

FoP 7
Grandpa Grandma (FP+40m) Dad Mom DS9 DS7 DD5(FP+40m)
Wait 2m, then Ride FP with Dad Get CS, wait 2m, then Ride FP Ride FP Ride FP, Get CS Ride FP, Get CS X
Ride FP Ride CS Ride DD’s FP Ride CS Ride CS X
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It’s been reported by liners today that it’s gone.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘RS’ - rider switch? Sorry, not familiar with that system However, whatever limb of your strategy that involves transferring a standard fast pass from group member 1 to 2 has been blocked. It makes sense to me that they would have also nuked the option to swap over ‘rider switch’ passes between group members if that was ever a thing but I don’t know, sorry.

@Kerrilux wasn’t suggesting that your move the pass on MDE, but that you physically switch bands. Yes, RS here is Rider Switch.

The problem is that if you don’t do some convoluted band switching, grandma will end up with a RS and an FP on the same band with two people in group 2 wanting to ride. You can avoid this by having grandma get the RS, then pass the band to someone to use her FP and catch up with group 1. Then someone else in group 2 can use the RS.

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Alas, change party is gone from the website. It was great while it lasted but we knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Yes, @ApolloAndy I think we have the same plan. Have you tried it before?

I haven’t but I don’t see where it could fail.

Do you plan to make the switch out of view of the CM, or do you think they will care?